1. ndwgolf's Avatar
    I have installed "google apps sync" on my lap top, and it is syncing all my mail, calenders and contacts perfectly between my gmail account and outlook 2010............great.
    On my Blackberry I have not installed any 3rd party program to sync with outlook or Gmail but my calenders are syncing great with my BB as well...........great
    The problem I have is that when i set everything up I had 474 contacts that synced onto my BB from the initial google apps sync, I modified a bunch of these in my web based gmail program and now i have 401 contact in both my gmail account and my outlook..........but my BB is still showing 474, why are these not syncing the same as the calenders????

    Do I need to add a 3rd party program to to that???
    I am very reluctant to do the above as yesterday I had over 5000 contacts due to having
    Google apps sync
    Google sync (on BB)
    enhanced gmail plugin (on BB)
    And had to do a wipe to fix it.
    01-15-11 09:58 AM
  2. ChillFactorz's Avatar
    I always had issues syncing with 2 or more sync programs at once, it seems some contacts get doubled then next day the doubles get doubled then the next day..... yeah it seems like you found that out. by making corrections in one database PC, gmail or BB, it saves original then creates a new contact with your changed contact giving you two contacts. deleting a contact should delete on all databases just give it time to sync or force a sync. to start with a clean database I usually backup contacts and wipe all except on gmail then make any corrections that need to be made, then force a sync to all. If you read any sync warning before downloading the software they usually recommend the uninstall any other sync software before installing due to these problems.
    01-17-11 11:37 PM