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    So I have moved abroad for a semester and brought my Bold with me. Its a CDMA bold and I had terminated the contract. The phone works for SMS and Voice with the local carrier, however, I am having following major issues:

    1. The WiFi does not work at my apartment with the simple Netgear router. It gets the IP from the router, but wont browse. On campus, when I manually assign it IP, DNS, Gateway, it works. It was also working on airport Starbucks hotspot, jsut not in my apartment with the wifi = SOLVED

    2. I thought I would be able to send/receive Emails once connected to the WiFi, and that I am not being able to Biggest bummer, I was not planning to fork out $40/month for BB data pack abroad here, since I sit on a desk n chair all day under Wifi (and night too) SOLVED

    3. When I make a call, it shows my old US Carrier number (contract of which has been cancelled), and even though I changed the number in the SIM settings, the same old number appears on my phone. But the ppl on the receiving end see my local carrier SIM card associated number.

    4. My Bold is clear ESN and all. But I found someone selling a Bold on campus with BAD ESN. I did not buy it, but a friend of mine was very interested to buy it. I told him to hold off. So a BAD ESN was working on the local SIM here, but what are the pitfalls for that ? This friend of mine would never enter US and just cares about using the phone.

    I would appreciate some help here.

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    01-09-11 08:59 PM
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    UPDATE. SOLVED number 1 using router settings, disabling some multi-media function box.
    01-09-11 11:23 PM
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    You will not get email through the native BB/ push email if you don't have a BB data plan - if you wanted that, you should have bought an iphone or some other brand that does email over wifi. That said, you could try logic mail and see if it works over wifi? I haven't tried it personally but it's definitely worth a shot:

    LogicMail for BlackBerry

    Are you trying to access email other than gmail? Gmail's app should work on wifi IIRC..
    01-10-11 09:44 AM
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    LogicMail does work through the WiFi. Got it to work through 2 different e-mail services.
    01-11-11 01:51 AM
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    what country are you in? i brought mine over to europe for 5 months on a suspended account as well and it worked with no problems, but you had to configure some of the settings (such as gsm, not global under network settings), and re-add all of your e-mail accounts to the server.

    are you on a prepaid simcard as well? or just using wifi?
    01-11-11 02:27 AM
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    I am on Prepaid service. I went ahead and added the BB Data plan after the offices opened on Monday here, and boy am I happy. Everything is working, actually I have noticed that there a BB logo next to wifi now. And i tried, it was sending emails with the Mobile Network option off, so it was purely using the wifi. I guess now that it has registered this PIN and has pushed the service books for those email accounts, maybe ? Have not tried again, but if it works, I may save myself $10/week for the data plan. Nonetheless full data plan is lucrative with its perks and ease.

    HOWEVER, the "My own Number" field problem is still an issue. It still shows the old phone number and I dont know how to get rid of that. Ppl are still seeing my local number which I had put into the GSM SIM card advanced options, but on the phone display, or whenever I open an app (like google voice) on the phone it shows the old non-local, US number.

    Any thoughts ? Oh I have been with the SPrint back n forth, and since this phone is NOT active on an ccount, they cannot find the MSL code for this. I thought, it was the MSL for this bold that I would punch in to get rid of that "my own number"....

    Is there a universal MSL number ? The sprint representative gave me like 5 MSL numbers, noen of them worked. I wonder if putting 10 will brick my phone or just brick the international SIM card, which I can get a replacmeent for $10... cheaper than a bricked phone though.

    Thanks guys
    01-11-11 11:12 AM
  8. nycfly89's Avatar
    i agree the plan is the way to go. i added mine for only 9 a week so i thought of it as a lot cheaper than a US plan.

    as for your new number... i had the same exact problem where i couldnt get my new one to show up. however you can try going into the service menu by pressing ##000000 and changing the mobile directory number to your sim card number. good luck!
    01-11-11 09:14 PM
  9. alamgirian6329's Avatar
    Tried the ##000000 and it says invalid password. Sprint has already made me punch in a whole bunch of guesses. Since the phone aint on network, they cant find the correct code and I dont want to put it on the network and then be charged ETF.

    Any other bright ideas besides paying $20 for getting the MSL from online sites. I would rather live with seeing old number on a screen or two instead.
    01-12-11 02:20 PM
  10. vishalsheth's Avatar
    did you do any setting for BIS over wifi? I want to do the same but can't get through.
    02-15-11 02:37 AM