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    yes I'm another person jumping ship from the iPhone boat.

    I recently got a Bold 9700 and so far love it. I do have a few questions that I dont seem to be able to answer through searching the forums. This is in no way a Blackberry bashing post, just trying to figure out if some things are possible that were on the iPhone.

    Imap folders... so far I think that access to IMAP folders seems unlikely though the stock Mail on my Blackberry. are there any 3rd party solutions to at least see the messages in these folders? I really just need to be able it access the information and not forward or reply to emails while at the same time keeping my inbox clean.

    Multiple Calenders and caldav calenders. I like to keep 4 separate calenders... 2 gmail cals and 2 ical calenders. personal, work (main job), family crud and work (my home business)... the first two are local on my laptop and the other two are gmail calenders... when i sync my calenders they all get lumped up into one giant calender on my blackberry. once again is there any 3rd party solutions or am i messing something up in my settings... it appears that if you create a appointment on the blackberry it will only go to the "Default" calender.

    Other then these minor complaints (if there are no solutions I am sure to eventually work around them, or hope they get fixed... I have used Mac computers for years so jumping though hoops is nothing new to me. why a mac? I work in graphic production and photography) If the solution is PC based that is also not a issue, I have win 7 installed via bootcamp and load it though Parallels while working (due to quickbooks for mac totally sucking)

    so why did I come to blackberry? well first cause I messed up the connection pins on my iPhone... second was one of the deal breakers for me and the iphone...

    Merchant Services. I need to accept credit cards on the go... Blackberry works out of the box with card readers... iphone really only has one solution and veriphone is making out like bandits.... there gateway fees are more then what you would be paying in standard fees to your Merchant Service provider, who you still have to pay. Other then that all the solutions are key in cards, aside from higher rates per transaction I just feel keying in a card looks less professional and somewhat shady.

    so on that note... anybody here use intuits solution with the bluetooth devices? how do you like them?

    thanks in advance for any advice/comments.

    now I will go back to being mesmerized by how my phone reacts to being put in it holster
    06-20-10 02:41 AM
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    same here.. i jumped ship from the iphone 3g.. i have the bold 9650 w/verizon now.. the only thing i miss is the touch screen and the way the email was viewed..
    06-20-10 09:53 PM
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    I'm moving this thread to BB Discussion for better visibility
    06-21-10 03:49 PM
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    RE IMAP email - depends on where its coming from because gmail is imap but if it is work IMAP you may need to talk to your IT dept. Some require BES for this to work unless you do the forward thing.

    Multiple calendars - that's a toughy - we've all been complaining about that lol you can only have 1 gmail acct associated for syncing and it will go into the only calendar app you have on the phone. you could try an app to help sort this out like SBSH. You could also look at tungle. many options just need to look at the different apps to see what works for you.
    06-21-10 05:07 PM
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    thanks for your responses everybody... so far I have worked though a few snags that I was concerned about...

    My personal e-mail is gmail so the gmail app fills in that nitch nicely! the battery/data usage are minimal. As for my IT department... that would be me and i have elected to just get my home business emails though the BB default program... I really only need inbox notifications on the go and as for accessing my IMAP folders I am just using LogicMail to do that as I really only need to reference the emails in folders. reconciliation seems to be a little problomatic but that may be due to AT&T being my carrier.... I have it set to reconcile but dosent seem to do so after a few hours.... my email for this business is though justhost and supports "blackberry fastmail level 2" if that helps any.

    as for the calendars, I dont think that SBSH or Tungle are quite what I am looking for, perhaps a completely separate calendar application. for now I am just combining my personal and day job into one cal (these are just reminders for weekly meetings and turning in specific forms nothing to complicated) I will add and move my home business calender events when i get access to my laptop... this one is done though gmail as I have it on my website as a basic available/not available listing to give clients a idea for booking but nothing written in stone (it is a mobile portrait photography business) so that will work nicely.

    I would prefer the multi-cal and direct imap access but this is nothing dealbreaking for me.

    not missing my iphone one bit! The blackberry has to much to offer and (big and) once its configured correctly it blows it out of the water... until its configured correctly its a headache.

    my next big search will be how to get integration with quicken home business or if there are quickbook options so cool that I will upgrade that
    06-21-10 07:10 PM