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    Okay, I am probably the complete opposite of many with this question. First here is the background. In 2009 my company discontinued blackberries and went with iPhones and EAS devices to cut cost. I used a berry for 5 years up to that point. I have had this iPhone now for about 10 months and I do like most of it's features. Ultimately I find I was more productive with the berry and the physical qwerty. So here is my question:

    Should I get a berry (9700) again? I'm thinking most would say yes but there are caveats. First, I have to stay on the iPhone data plan. My company owns my number and bill so I could not change it. This means I would have to run something like Notifysync for my email. From reading about it, Notifysync seems to be a great solution. Also since I would not have a berry plan, I would lose BBM. No big deal really as no one at work uses it either. Finally, I wonder if all my apps would work? I am guessing most would through normal data as ling as I configured them that way.

    So I hope you can see my dilema. Originally I was looking at other qwerty devices but none are as solid as a berry. Let me know what you think. If I missed anything above let me know. If you have any experiences that can offer pros or cons let me know. TIA.

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    05-03-10 07:47 PM
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    I don't think you could run a BB on an iPhone data plan. The iPhone uses a different access point than other devices to keep people from using the wrong data plan. As far as I know, you cannot edit the access point on a BB so I don't think it would work.
    05-03-10 08:39 PM
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    Oh well, maybe its just an E72 Nokia for me then.
    05-03-10 08:50 PM
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    Even then, the access point that the iPhone data plan uses is unique to the iPhone and no other device. I honestly do not know what it is. The iPhone data plan was created JUST for the iPhone and no other device, maybe if you can find out the AP that the iPhone uses you could plug that into an unlocked/unbranded E72
    05-03-10 08:59 PM
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    OK, now I understand what you are saying. Actually you are incorrect about this. I tried my SIM in a Nexus One and it worked perfectly. No issues with the APN.
    05-03-10 10:34 PM
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    Yeah, but the thing is Blackberrys requires a special plan so the carrier knows that all data has to be forwarded to RIM's network centre for compression/encryption purposes.
    I'm afraid I would have to point you towards an Android device or something else that has a real keyboard.
    I recommend looking at one that has a smaller screen because it would have a better battery life but should be fine still.
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    05-03-10 10:44 PM