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    Ok, so I started a thread a few days ago in the iphone section, but now I am getting cold feet, lol.. I use the BB for business and my primary phone, email, etc.. It's my personal phone and I get fully reimbursed each month.

    I was entertaining getting an iphone for the second line, so I started the thread below in the iphone section, but I won't be able to upgrade to an iphone until March. I can either cancel that line now and get a new line in March or get an android based phone...

    What I liked about the iphone (never really used one extensively) was the app store, some of the free apps, every one seems to have an app for the iphone, I can dump most of my music in there (I have about 15 gigs of music), plus the least important in real life, but the "cool" factor, lol, it's a pretty cool phone..

    I planned of using the bb for day to day and the second phone (iphone or android based samsung, or ??) on the wknds, second line, personal line, etc..

    What are the thoughts in general on the android based phones? Do they really and trully compete with iphones or just a step below?

    Anyone have an android based phone AND and a bb ? Thoughts?

    What about on ATT? Which Android based unit? I kinda like the samsungs? A friend has an htc in tmobile.. I know att has an htc unit, but not the same one..

    12-18-10 08:39 PM
  2. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    Well here's my thought: for folks like you who like the BB but want something else also, I wonder if when BB releases the playbook if they modify the OS on BB's that are currently out to allow for ad hoc networking via wifi. Then you could, for example, use an ipod Touch for the web and so forth via your BB's network connection.

    I wonder if that will ever actually be possible...
    12-19-10 01:29 AM
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    Id wait until june next year for the iPhone and get that. Android phones are horribly locked down on AT&T and they don't have a very good selection anyway.
    12-19-10 03:51 AM
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    Iphones4 or even 3gs jailbroken is better than droid imo. They have fairly simple to use theme builders (still have to have some tech knowlewdge).

    Samsung Fascinate is good ATT Droid but imo I'd get an iphone and get it jailbroken

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    12-19-10 03:59 AM
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    I had an iPhone3G and while all the apps were cool, that's about the only thing I liked on the phone. I really didn't like the touchscreen or typing on it. Once I found out I could transfer my iTune music files to my BlackBerry, that was the deciding factor.

    I also found the iPhone to be extremely delicate. I dropped it ONCE and cracked a little part of my screen, not a big deal, I could live with a little crack until I had another upgrade. After that, the speakers on my phone kept acting crazy, anything from not being able to hear incoming calls to my text message sounds not working. And then one day, I was at a party texting someone and all of a sudden my iPhone went black. I thought the battery died... but nope, my phone wouldn't charge and wouldn't turn back on. All from dropping it once.

    I went back to a BlackBerry after that and am so happy I did.

    I have never used an Android phone, but find them look very cheap compared to BlackBerry and even iPhone. Can't comment on their OS. Good luck with your decision, but I'd stick to BlackBerry.
    12-19-10 07:34 AM
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    Samsung Fascinate is good ATT Droid
    The Fascinate is only on Verizon and you're thinking of the Captivate for At&t but overall both really good phones.
    12-19-10 08:50 AM
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    Honestly if it was just the app store that interested you, why not just get an iPod Touch? All the Apple App store access with better battery life and no contract.

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    12-19-10 10:27 AM
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    I went to the att store today and played with the samsung; crap I forgot the name, not the facinate, the next one up, it's $199 with a new line, etc... it was nice, but I guess maybe I am expecting too much?

    The screen was definitely bigger than the Iphone 3g I played with as well....

    Someone mentioned getting just the Itouch for the apps and sh.it... that was my original idea, first quarter of this year... might have to revisit that thought... b/c the "second" line is not needed, but it's one of those things you want, lol... and I think it's not a spur of the moment thing, as I've been thinking about it since last xmas, lol.

    I'm going to look at the itouch and see more of the things that I want from it... can you d/l books, magazines as in the ipad , for example, maybe not, just brain storming... can't afford the ipad, lol, though..

    I guess since I use the bb, now the bb "torch" as of last week, for business, I don't consider it a "toy", lol..

    I saw some demo videos on here on the bb 9700, bb torch, iphone (can't remember if 3g or the iphone4, and the samsung (all TT), and the iphone was the quickest of course, with the samsung right behind it, and the torch just after.. It was only a test of speed, so no talk of apps, etc...

    ATT is calling me back tomorrow afternoon to see if I decided on a phone for the second line or am I just going to pay the cancellation fee (under $100, since it's prorated) and move on...
    12-19-10 05:40 PM
  9. scottyttocs's Avatar
    How about the Dell Streak? I only checked it out briefly at Best Buy the other day, but its is like a tablet/phone. Not sure how its reception has been. The only problem is using it as a phone and having to carry it around, since its pretty big.
    12-20-10 01:54 PM