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    Owners to look smart and knowledgable! You know how?

    OK, here's the deal... You know that urge you have, to post a fifty page thread on how much the new iPhone sucks, and how Apple is done innovating?

    Well, ignore it.

    I know, i know.. You might be really annoyed at Apple and iPhones, considering how well they're doing right now. Or you might actually seriously think you're so smart, that you can instantly go over a spec sheet and predict success or failure. (Reality check. You're not. Neither am I. Just because we're on a phone forum, doesn't instantly make us engineers. Neither does the fact that you might know that 'gigaherz' is equivalent to 'speed'. Which it isn't. But I digress....)

    Anyways, every year around this time, you'll see threads just like the one I described above, pop up on hundreds of tech forums. Every year a bright eyed geek just like you, decides to pooh pooh the new iPhone, and confidently declare that THIS surely is the end.

    And guess what... Every year, they turn out to be flat out wrong. Every year, that new iPhone model outsells lasts years iPhone and becomes the worlds best selling smartphone. It never fails.

    So if you want to look really smart, knowledgable and tech savvy, avoid the temptation and don't go there!

    (Also, it's a surefire way to avoid the appearance of gloating over other misfortune. Avoiding that instantly gives you +10 karma points and makes you more of a mensch... Food for thought!)
    09-10-13 06:31 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    Also might cut out just a few episodes in this season of Troll Wars: CrackBerry Edition.
    (No, that's not real.)

    Anyway, great point. Fingers crossed that even a few members listen to you.
    09-10-13 06:51 PM
  3. icanican's Avatar
    ?Watch this n u'll understand what the "i" in iPhone stands for

    #ichooseblackberry10 #bbftw

    Posted via CB10
    09-10-13 09:02 PM

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