1. kickinitlive247's Avatar
    okay, so im trying to connect to the wifi in the internet cafe, but it says that the ip address isnt correct, does anyone know what this is and how i can fix it so i can use the wifi when im out and about?
    now im at my girls house at the pc, but next week we wont have any access unless i use the internet cafe and i dont like to use strange computers!
    i have a 8320 with tmo and never used wifi before...
    05-12-08 09:08 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    IP address are the way computers keep track of individual computers.

    When you are in a Wifi hotspot, the Router will try to assign a new IP address to each device that connects. It is important that no two devices have the same IP address. That takes care of the basics.

    When you use Set Up Wifi, it will search out a signal and let you attempt a connection. If It can connect successfully, you get a temporary IP address and can use the Internet.

    Your problem starts there. For some reason, you are failing to get an IP address.

    That could indicate a problem with the Coffee shops Router or perhaps a setting conflict on your device.

    I would start by checking your saved Wifi settings.

    Manage Connections / Wifi Options:

    From here you can view and edit the connection details of you saved connections. There is one exception, Hotspot@Home is preset.

    If the Coffee shop is using H@H, you can try: Option / Restore default settings.

    If you have a separate saved connection, you can Option / Edit the Profile. You are looking for a check box enabled for "Automatically obtain IP address and DNS".

    It has been set to manual, that could explain your failure to connect.

    If that does not prove useful, try deleting the connection and starting fresh. If that still fails, find another Open Router and try it there.

    If you have isolated it to one location, there may be a configuration problem with their Router, let the manager know.
    05-12-08 10:31 AM