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    I watched this video and couldn't help but feel like it is quite similar to the work of TAT with print to go.

    Paper: New iPad app that draws on simplicity | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

    As an average knowledge person, it seems like other developers are quickly learning and developing applications with some nice UIs. TAT has some great stuff, but they must really release some of their new concepts, perhaps simply as demos, and make sure that the new BB10 phones are a work of art to differentiate themselves from other developpers, and distinguish the new BB10 software from the others.

    You may think this is redundant, you may think this is stupid, but this app seems [to me] similar to TAT work, which is something that I appreciate from Blackberry.

    03-29-12 08:20 PM
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    I honestly really like the app. It looks awesome but i dont think i have the natural talent to draw like that lol.

    Everything is a copy of everything right. You take the good things and add to it
    03-29-12 08:48 PM
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    It looks like the boring version TAT wouldn't make

    But the point is iPad users get it. We should get TATalizing apps in future playbook upgrades.
    03-29-12 09:09 PM
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    TAT have actually released something? I had no idea. I thought their scrap book app was it so far.

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    03-29-12 09:13 PM
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    I prefer this one to be honest. http://tapose.com/

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    03-29-12 09:15 PM
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    I prefer this one to be honest. Tapos

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    Still boring
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    03-29-12 10:17 PM
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    I prefer this one to be honest. Tapos

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    I expect that app to be around long enough to generate a rather sizeable lawsuit from Microsoft. Bill Gates may have killed the Courier project, but they certainly didn't toss out all of the patents. Getting money from a Microsoft millionaire is not likely to equate to a blessing from their patent department....
    03-29-12 11:46 PM