1. labdog98's Avatar
    So I am wondering if my phone is lagging when it comes to internet speeds on both WIFI and the network. I have a Verizon 9650 Bold and on a BES.

    I have tested friend's who have the same phone, albeit not on a BES, and usually their internet speeds are quicker. I test them side by side and sometimes my phone is faster but in general my bold finishes last. Last night I loaded nytimes.com and my phone finished about 5 seconds after my friend's bold that was sitting right next toit. This happens on both WIFI and the network. I am coming from a Tour and this phone is def. faster, smoother etc but I am wondering if there is something wrong with my device. I have set my internet options to the same as my friend's when conducting these tests.

    Thoughts? I know if I take it to Verizon they will find nothing wrong, because it still works, but it just makes me wonder why my phone is slower. My only thought is that it is a result of being on the BES.
    06-11-10 11:12 AM