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    ok im addicted to this site now and have tonss of questions.

    my "browser" icon doesnt let me on..the one with the world and the cirl lets me on but then it always says "you dont need to type hhtp blah blah blah" so i have to go to "google" link and then it says it cant find the site.

    this is gay. i love my phone but common i hatee getting on the net with it.

    2nd question: (i might as well put all mine in one because i have another) if i set my alarm for lets say 6am and i wanna turn my phone off for the night. will my phone come on at 6 and wake me?

    3rd. when i try to set up email it says business or skip set up ( i did get my phone off ebay basically brand new, i took the ladys email off because it was hers and since then i cant get bb email. i just go to msn website but id like bb email)

    (can i get msn messenger free for my phone, like i said somelady had it before me..didnt have it on the screen)

    ok well im kinda not a fan of my berry anymore. its starting to annoy me. the messenger doesnt work people have added me, nothing back, take me forever to get on the net and find my way around. i loved my blackjack but like the look of the curve better. grr on being shallow with phone looks
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    1. Sounds like you got one off of ebay that's set up for bes not bis.
    2. Did you buy a BB data plan? If not, no dice on any of the things you mentioned. Perhaps one of the guru's will be able to shed more light. Good luck!

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    Not to be rude, but your typing is discordantly incoherent. And using the word "gay" to describe a BB web browser is not only illogical but offensive as well. If you want your questions to be taken seriouslu, revisit your diction. You also mentioned you had questions, yet you never posed them. What is it exactly that you want us to answer?

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