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    Verizon unlocked my 8830 in about 20 minutes and now that I am in Colombia where they provide no service I am using a local SIM card. When I bought the new SIM card they provided me with a number that doesnt work although I can make outgoing calls locally and to the US just fine. My cell is also ringing from my regular number in the US, which is wonderful but makes me curious about billing. Am I going to get a nasty surprise from Verizon when I get home or is this the magic of unlocking the phone and one of the reasons everyone is so crazy to do it?


    12-22-07 06:08 PM
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    Did you mean you are still receiving calls on your cell when people call on your verizon number? If the answer is yes, then yes you will receive a very large bill, turn off your handset now as you will be billed for receiving calls also. This means that you are roaming with your Verizon cell. Roaming cost are huge... Just check with Verizon..

    Of course if I am wrong then my apologies for the scare, but do let me know the outcome..

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    12-22-07 07:14 PM
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    That is strange that you are receiving calls to your verizon number using a different sim card. If you call someone in columbia, what number shows on the caller ID? What shows when you call the US?

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    12-22-07 08:49 PM
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    When I make calls, a Colombian cell phone number appears, but not the one that was given to me. It doesnt make sense that Verizon would even work since I cant get any service or make any calls when the Verizon SIM card is installed and Im also not currently signed up for their international services since they dont have any service here normally.
    12-22-07 09:23 PM
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    Ok then I jumped the gun,sorry... its not roaming, but its very funny that you receiving calls with your verizon number.

    I am not familiar with your carriers, but does all Verizon cell require sim cards?

    Maybe they made a mistake and adviced the wrong number...

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    12-23-07 03:26 AM
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    This is strange case, when you purchase a local SIM card then number of the particular of the carrier given to you, SIM card inserted to device it registered automaticly. I have used unlocked device and travel a lot of countries without any problem. Just share with my experience.
    12-23-07 07:13 AM
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    Dear Mr. Gernandt,

    Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless through our website. My name is Eddie, and I am happy to assist you regarding using your Verizon Wireless device in Colombia, South America.

    Technically, Verizon Wireless does not have an agreement with any service providers in Colombia. My best guess is that one of two things is occurring to permit calls in Colombia. Either you are close enough to the Colombia/Brazil border (Im not close at all) that you are picking up a tower in Brazil, where we do have service, at the rate of $1.29 per minute. This would require that your phone be in the CDMA mode. The other option to explain this would be that somehow your calls are getting picked up by a Colombian service provider, again I would think your phone would have to be in the CDMA mode, and I would not be able to advise of that cost (Phone is only working in Global Mode).

    If you have a Colombian service provider's SIM card in your device, I would ensure that the device is in the GSM or Global mode (It is in Global mode)to be billed at that service provider's rates. With a different service provider's SIM card in the device the only way that a call should be delivered to your device through the United States based wireless number is if your phone is in the CDMA mode, because while in GSM or Global you should only receive calls dialed to that service provider's phone number.

    If you have any further questions or need assistance for anything else, please contact our Global Support Department at 001-908-559-4899.

    We appreciate your loyalty to our wireless products and services, and we are committed to resolving your concerns.

    I hope this information has been helpful. Have a safe and enjoyable trip! (friendly, but still stumped)
    12-23-07 08:01 AM
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    Isn't there a way to change the phone from CDMA to GSM only? I would advise you to do that asap coz yeah, I'd be scared to what your bill is going to be at the end of the month

    Me personally, I have only used phones that are GSM/Sim card only so no sim card, no phone! And when I've travelled abroad, it work automatically work with that card. But all of the cell phone carriers now have companies they have paired with so you can still use your phone, with you CDMA/GSM account and be billed for roaming and $1+ a minute for a call.
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    12-24-07 11:25 AM
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    i usually travle to europe and my phone is unlocked as well.. When i put in my italian sim car my AMERICAN number no longer works as it is not in the phone the italian sim card works.. You shud call them and see why soemthing is not write, also note that a roaming for data will also kill u, just by ur phone checking email it uses the data plan and U will get a big charge it is not covered by the unlimited plan in the states.... fr ur sanity call them and make sure.. also text message are extra cost ithink like .50 and calls are like 1.29 minute
    12-24-07 03:41 PM