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    Hey all,

    I've recently switched back to my Pearl 8120 after my Nexus One died on my last month, and am currently travelling through Portugal and other parts of the EU. I originally gave up on BlackBerry due to my need for working voice/SMS/data on prepaid SIM cards when travelling, something I've struggled constantly with the BB platform and made me give it up in favor of Android.

    Anyway, when I first arrived in the EU, I started my phone up with my T-Mobile SIM to recieve and send some SMSs before I found a local SIM card, and I made sure Data Services were set to 'Off'. Despite this, I constantly saw the two arrows in the corner flashing on and off, so I'm unsure if the phone was properly respecting the Data Services option. This has made me extremely hesitant to slot my T-Mobile SIM into my Pearl at all for fear of $15MiB roaming charges.

    Secondly, when I got to Portugal, I bought a vodafone P SIM card and the gentleman told me they have BIS service available, which he activated for me but it might take upwards of 24h to enable, so I had a worked browser/email (first time too in Europe) even though the phone said 'edge' (or 'gprs'). Today, the phone went to full 'EDGE', and the BIS status went to 'Connected'. What concerns me is that I know that Blackberry's love to use their own BIS, and that in the period between swapping SIM cards but before vodaphone's BIS service books/service kicked in, the phone may have been going through T-Mobile's BIS, and ranking up data charges regardless of the SIM.

    I realize the second one is unlikely, but if anyone has experience with roaming with a blackberry, I'd appreciate any insight. I must admit, the entire requirement of BIS for most apps just makes my pearl an absolute pain whenever I have to go internationally with it though :-/
    11-27-11 12:15 PM
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    It's hard to believe it would use data when you've disabled data (unchecked the box). I recently got a prepaid T-Mobile SIM for sending certain texts with my 9650. I see those arrows going like crazy once in a while, and mine doesn't even have data! I'm betting it has something to do with searching for and/or locking on to a signal.
    11-27-11 05:07 PM