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    WiFi on my 9650 ( will connect to my home WiFi and other hot spots with no problem, I get the solid white WiFi indicator and checking the WiFi properties everything looks good. However when I open the browser It will open the WiFi browser and just hang for about a minute before reverting back to the non-wifi browser. At that point the WiFi connection goes back into a connecting state. Any app I use that needs a connection will show the same symptoms as the browser, they will hang until the app finally reverts back to a 3g connection. Now for the confusing part. I originally assumed the issue must be one of my apps (I don't have that many, berryweather, BeReader and that's about it that uses a connection) so I re-installed berryweather and everything worked until I did a batter pull or reset. I did this several times and the same thing happens, everything works until I do a reset. I don't believe the issue is berry weather because I get the same problem (wifi not working) even when I completely remove berryweather. But installing it will make everything work until I do a reset or battery pull. This very weird and frustrating. Anyone have an idea?
    02-04-11 12:51 PM