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    (I apologize in advance for the length of this message, but I wanted to provide as must info as possible.)

    My wife and I both got new Curves a few days ago. We both had been using Palm-based PDAs since the 90's. No problem porting the data from Palm Desktop to Outlook, but I'm currently working through a series calendar sync problems and was hoping somebody could help me out.

    Initially, I had the problem of duplicate entries on my BB after a sync. I did some research (FAQs) and found out how to wipe the BB calendar data (through DM's Backup/Restore>Advanced) and do a one-way sync (import) from Outlook 2003.

    The next day, I noticed that all of the appointments older than 60 days were missing from my BB. After more research and digging around in menus, I found the Desktop Manager calendar sync setting that I needed to change:

    DM >sychronize>configuration>configure sync..>configure>advanced settings> check the setting >transfer all scheduled items.

    A day later, the old appointments were missing from my BB again! Then I found the "keep appointments" option in the BB's calendar options and set it to "forever". Another BB calendar wipe - another one-way sync and everything looked good. The number of calendar entries on the BB matched those in Outlook.

    Here's where it gets weird. Immediately after restoring the calendar to my BB and verifying the number of entries, I reset the DM calendar sync settings to "synchronize" and did a "normal" sync. Amazingly, Intellisync reported 160 additions and 8 changes from BB to Outlook, plus 160 additions and 8 changes from Outlook to BB. All of the changes seemed to be cases where repeating events had exceptions, and the additions (in both directions) seemed to already exist on both systems. I didn't want to screw the calendar up again before posting here for help, so I backed out of the sync operation.

    I checked my wife's BB and found that her old appointments are gone too.. Her default DM sync setting of "Future events" was still set.

    Interestingly, her BB calendar settings doesn't have a "keep appointments" option. It appears that the "keep appointments" option doesn't appear in the BB's calendar options unless you select "Transfer All scheduled items" under Desktop Manager's advanced sync configuration settings for the calender task first. I didn't make the DM settings changes to her machine yet because it would give me a baseline for troubleshooting.

    I cannot understand why Intellisync would want to do any updates immediately after a one-way, complete sync, particularly ones that would appear to create duplicates. I'm less concerned about the dupes on the BB because I know how to fix those, but I want to avoid getting duplicate events in Outlook.

    Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any hints, suggestions, solutions??


    - Mark

    BB Curve 8320 v4.2.2.180
    DM v4.2.2.14
    Win XP SP2
    Outlook 2003
    02-11-08 10:54 AM
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    I think I have found the cause of and solution to the problem.

    It seems to be a difference in synchronization capability between Palm Desktop and either Intellisync, Outlook or the BB itself.

    Every single one of the 168 appointments that Intellisync wanted to sync (each way) had a hard return (line feed) in the event name field, ie:

    Dr. Appointment
    Maitland Office

    Using carriage returns in event names wasn't a problem on the Palm Desktop or PalmOS. It made for greater readability. That doesn't seem to be the case with either Outlook, BB or Intellisync (I'm not sure which one is the culptrit, but I'm leaning towards Intellisync).

    Just to recap, wiped out the BB calendar again, made sure the BB calendar was set to "keep for ever" and the sync was set up to "transfer all items". Then I did a one-way sync from Outlook to the BB. Both calendars now contained identical information. Using the above event as an example, when I checked my calendars immediately after the one-way sync, the event existed properly in both calendars, exactly as listed above.

    Then I reset the sync settings to normal (synchronize) and initiated a sync. As expected, Intellisync reported 160 additions and 8 changes from BB to Outlook, plus 160 additions and 8 changes from Outlook to BB. In all cases, Intellisync wanted to copy a truncated version from the BB-->Outlook, and a complete version from Outlook-->BB.

    It seems as though when Intellisync reads the contents of Outlook, it can handle the returns, but it not when it reads the BB calendar. Instead, it truncates the entry to a single line. Then it sees the results as two different events and wants to sync them back to each device.

    I've just finished manually editing each of the 168 events in Outlook, eliminating the hard returns. When I get home tonight, I'll go through the wipe/import process again and then try a normal sync. I'm willing to bet that it won't find anything to do this time.

    02-13-08 10:54 AM