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    Hello,i been trying to install an AT&T os on my bold 9900. My bold is not a AT&T bold.i have the os installed on my pc. along with 7.1 and only the 7.1 and some other 7.0 os shows up in the list on the desktop manger update "view other". i tried everything. What am i doing wrong?
    12-30-11 05:35 PM
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    I'm not sure what your saying about someother os. If your trying to install an os you down loaded go into control oanel and deleted the 2 oses that's already installed. Install your dled os from att. Go and delete the vendor file.
    Now run apploader or dm and install os on to ur phone.

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    12-30-11 05:43 PM
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    i deleted the vendor file. but the os does not show up in desktop manger. How do i use just the app loader?? i deleted the other 7.0 os i never downloaded it. Desktop manger getting that on its own? i am currently running 7.1
    12-30-11 05:51 PM
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    Have you seen elite1 step by step?

    Here's my short-version OS install guide if anyone needs a refresher...


    1. (Optional) Uninstall any previous OS from your PC.
    2. Download OS to PC. Use Internet Explorer to do so, not Firefox or Chrome. (For leaked versions, the browser is irrelevant though.)
      *If 100% certain you've previously used FF or Chrome on same PC to DL an OS successfully, feel free to use FF or Chrome again.
    3. Following successful DL, run OS file to install OS on PC.
    4. On BB, go to BBM Options, scroll down to Backup section. Ensure Remote Backup is enabled AND also conduct a Local Backup to media card.
    5. Go through any 3rd party apps that have option to save settings to media card, and conduct Backup to media card from menu within each of these apps. (Examples: all Bellshare apps such as BerryBuzz & BerryWeather; QuickLaunch; Shao's apps such as Wallpaper Changer & SixTools; Show Me The Images; etc).
    6. Connect BB to PC. Open DM and backup device. Close DM.
    7. (Optional) Use desktop program like BBSAK or BBMCP to backup 3rd party apps.
    8. On PC, navigate to
      •64-bit: Computer/C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader and delete file therein called Vendor.
      •32-bit: Computer/C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader and delete file therein called Vendor.
    9. (Optional/Recommended) Run BB Boss v2.2 or Shrink-A-OS/BBH+ Tool.
    10. In same AppLoader file where you deleted Vendor, double-click on Loader to initiate OS upgrade. Follow onscreen instructions.
    11. After OS install is complete, perform several physical battery pulls over first 1-2 days for OS to "settle in." Perform first batt pull very soon after OS is installed.

    PS I've posted this before in other threads, but there always seems to be some people that appreciate a step-by-step each time.
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    12-30-11 06:24 PM
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    thank you ill try that
    12-30-11 06:27 PM
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    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader\
    Open/double-click on loader.exe

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    12-30-11 06:29 PM
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    You guys are awesome that worked like a charm!!!!
    12-30-11 07:15 PM
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    will old blackberrys be able to have OS7 at all? for example the bold 9700
    12-31-11 07:37 AM
  9. RoseBud68's Avatar
    will old blackberrys be able to have OS7 at all? for example the bold 9700
    No. The old BB will not get OS7.
    12-31-11 07:42 AM