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    Please help me. I am a little confused.

    I am on contract to Vodafone. My sim card is Vodafone.

    I recently bought a new phone to replace my Ericsson - the Blackberry 9550 Storm 2. However, I bought it off eBay and I believe it was originally locked to Verizon (as when the phone starts it has a Verizon theme). I unlocked the phone by using a code they sent me.

    I thought after everything was fine, but I am having serious issues with the service books.

    I'm not on any BB data plan.

    I can connect wirelessly, I can send SMS but what I can't do is send MMS because the MMS service book doesn't exist.

    After speaking to Vodafone, they said to get their OS from the Vodafone download website. I did that, but after many attemps using the Desktop Software it would only pick up the Verizons OS. I have done all the deleting vendor.xml etc etc and it is still no good.

    So, I'm confused. Am I with Vodafone, or Verizon? Do I need Vodafones or Verizons service books? Verizon seems an American company to me (I'm in the UK) and can't see how to get their service books.

    Vodafone have a BIS website where you're supposed to be able to resend the service books but when trying to sign up and register it tells me I'm not registered with my carrier and to do the Options > Host routing table > Register now thing.

    I do that, it says 'Registration message sent' and I get nothing back. I have two service books, which are both Wifi ones, and nothing under Host Routing table.

    I've tried completely wiping the Blackberry using JL Cmder but still it insists on installing back the Verizon OS. If I manually try and install the Vodafone OS it tells me the versions are not compatible.

    Yes, I've contacted Vodafone who are pretty useless (like normal) and basically tell me there is nothing they can do or that I need a Blackberry data plan to access these options.

    Well, that's bollocks as a month ago I had the Blackberry Bold and that could send MMS absolutely fine! (Not sure who it was originally locked too).

    Anyone give me any advice on what to try next? I'm going to the Vodafone store tomorrow, but I don't hold much hope.

    Cheers, and sorry for such a big thread.

    Edit: To summarize, I basically need (I think) the Vodafone service books resent. But Vodafone won't do it. According to them, MMS is set up but on my Blackberry I do not have the option to send MMS. Only SMS.
    04-07-10 03:55 PM
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    First thing, when your BB boots up and shows the provider's splash screen, that is set in the bb regardless of who's OS you are running (look up "Branding") and is not important. When you install a new OS you should check what version is installed (press alt+shif+h and look at the version numbers), which also shouldn't really affect you when using a bb on a GSM network.

    The issue you are having is that service books are sent via data service over the cell radio. So not having a data plan is your issue. When you get a data plan via Vodafone you will then be able to setup your BIS account which is where the service books are sent. When you go to Options > Advanced > Host Routing Table your BB is sending a request to the BIS server but again, no access because of no data plan.

    The reason your previous bb could send mms is because the service book had not been deleted. If you would have deleted it you would be in the same situation you are now.

    So to summarize, you need a data plan.

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    04-07-10 08:59 PM