1. Andrew M 56's Avatar
    Can it be done? I found some games that the website says are compatible with my 8130 but when I try and open either the jar or jad files with the bb application loader it says:

    error in application information file: "blah blah blah.jar":
    there is an XML syntax error on line 1

    It also has a way to download OTA but I dont have a data plan so cant do it that way either.

    Is there anyway that these files can me installed onto my pearl?
    01-14-08 06:33 PM
  2. John Clark's Avatar
    You can't open .jar/.jad files with desktop Manager. You need .alx and .cod files.

    .jar/.jad are made for the BBbrowser.

    Hint: load the .jar/.jad to a folder on your media card. Then browse to the .jad file from Media >menu key >Explore and click on it. It may be able to load it that way.

    just be sure the apps are made for the 8130 before going forward. Loading an app that isn't compatible can put your phone into a reboot loop requiring you to reload the OS. I recommend doing a backup before loading any new application to the BB.
    01-14-08 11:18 PM
  3. johnling's Avatar
    01-15-08 06:28 AM