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    Hey Guys,

    As you've probably noticed, we're really beginning to step-up our committment to quality, original content on the site.

    When it comes to the topic of Reviews, we want to standardize our conclusion format/review summary.

    For all reviews, this means the "Conclusion Paragraph" will be followed by: a List of Pros/Cons, a link to the forums where a supplemental post will be made providing additional photos and a place for discussion, and if applicable a link to the item in the CrackBerry.com store.

    For Bluetooth Headsets and BlackBerry Cases, we are planning on also including a Ratings Summary (as rated by the reviewer). You can see our first implementation of this conclusion format with kasperapd's Jabra JX10 Series II review.

    For Bluetooth Headsets, the category factors we plan to rate on are:
    1. Design & Function
    2. Sound Quality
    3. Aesthetics (looks)
    4. Ease of Use
    5. Comfort

    For BlackBerry Cases/Holsters, the category factors we plan to rate on are:
    1. Design & Function
    2. Fit & Finish
    3. Aesthetics (looks)
    4. Ease of Use
    5. Protection

    I think these ratings categories for both headsets and cases/holsters do a good job of summing up the main factors people are interested in/look at when considering to buy either a headset or case. Is there anything missing?

    My question becomes, what's the best rating scale and tallying method to use???

    In the case of the Jabra review, the ratings we're done out of 5 CrackBerrys (stars), and then we averaged the ratings to get a total.

    Another option I am considering would be changing the ratings to be out of 10, and then either providing the total as an average, or as a total score out of 50. I think these methods are fair, though you also have to consider that some factors are maybe more important than others (i.e. sound quality in a bluetooth headset). Is there a good way to address this?

    I want to hear your opinions on what you think the best method of rating/tallying ratings is! Keep in mind the opinions/ratings are of the reviewer, and that we are only looking at doing the ratings where accessories are fairly consistent between each other (hence cases/holsters and headsets. Standardized ratings should also work for Device Reviews, and maybe some other emerging areas (bluetooth headphones). We Will figure out the appropriate rating categories for these other types of reviews as the pop up). We're also looking into adding a Rating Tool soon, so that members will also be able to give their opinions/add their rating (so you will then have the Reviewer's rating, and the Community's rating).

    I know there will be differing opinions on what's the best method here, but I'd love to have some additional input before I lock down the methodology we stick to.

    09-14-07 09:13 AM