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    Hi dear friends!

    Here is something to help our friends over and BB headquorters pick up their game in the right direction as far as a very simple by from what it already seems a minor thing to them, the BB headset and the way it fits into the phone.

    I am curious as to why BlackBerry still hasn't fired all their Head Phone design team yet?? The year is 2011 and all that BB has to offer is a 90 degree head plug for a head set! Now considering that iphone is raking all the money in Greece so far with their streamlined white head set what is RIM doing??

    Step 1 - Fire all the design team.
    Step 2 - Create a plug that has a straight neck and it is made out of rubber. Create the adequate space within the phone so that the head set plug goes ALL THE WAY IN the phone so that the only thing hanging outside is the cord itself. So it enters easy (just pushing the whole thing in the phone) and exits easy (just pull on the cord).

    What we achieve is that there is no internal damage from pull due to the rubber plug wall casings and there is no pull because the whole thing is internal and there is no way the cord itself can do any damage, so the phone enters the business man's pocket and either way it sits there is no danger of any damage whatsoever.

    Now there is something that they should pay me for because if it was already thought then they should have already processed it, if it is a patent owned by iphone then HAHAHA they are fools for not incorporating smarter people to the company.

    As you can tell I am a BlackBerry user and it ticks me off not being able to enjoy this superb phone to its max.

    So to sum up, this is an innovative idea and I do expect credit for it... and proof that it is innovative is the company itself, like I said above "if it was thought of already then they should have already done it!"

    Cheers and may God or whatever super power you believe in or not help you in the right direction and please, please please please ... NO MORE 90 degree head sets!

    Epilogue: If some smart *ss tries to confront this post saying "why don't you stop whinning and buy yourself another set of headset" the answer is, we are in Europe Greece and the items available that might suit which are 3rd party stuff are located in US or China making for 40 to 50 euros transportation fees. So to finally sum... smarten up and create a complete package... iphone is storming you guys and the funny thing is they are no where close to the technologie RIM has!
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    Why don't you stop whinning and buy yourself another set of headset?
    Lol Jk.

    I do have a response though.
    Firing he design team would be.. Unethical.
    I think they should just hire more... Artistic people. For example, why are there themers with better themes than RIM?
    Or Why don't they push the concept of Keyboard shorcuts and go Minimal?

    And to number 2.
    One does not just "Create space" in the phone. I'm sure they go as small is safely possible. The Plug Idea seems to be more like a work phone. You know.. Like a construction work phone.
    09-09-11 10:31 AM
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    Very unethical friend.

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    Yes I am whinning like a b***h, oh well I guess I owe some poor folk an apologie. So what is it, RIM is understaffed or they don't come up with ideas that suit the space age we live in. Come on Deathcommand seriously a 90 degree angle jack?? Space is a problem? We are talking that people are looking to get phones that have a large enough screens like the iphone so it wouldn't be no problem to squeeze the proper port in the BB phone. I'm not talking about a huge d*ldo that would rape the phone, I am talking about the same white slim small jack that iphone has but rubbery and the proper input casing whithin the BB so that the only thing protruding is the cord itself.

    Who wouldn't want a chance to get rid of the 90 degree jack? I can't picture Americans voting for cr*p like that m8 honest.

    ichat I guess I covered your comment above by saying that I guess I apologize to all those hard working folk and I'm not being ironic (I could if I wanted to) so please ichat try not to be so narrow minded by saying "Very unethical friend." and supply some more imput to this new and fantastic way the BlackBerry could connect to the headphones other than the classic and obsolete way that RIM supports it should.

    Thanks for taking time though, to both of you, in answering my harsh post (with insight though).
    09-13-11 08:38 AM
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    Just hold the phone sideways, no more 90 degrees....problem solved.
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    09-13-11 09:44 AM