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    My story is ugly. On New Years Day for some reason my inbox on my 8700 started to delete emails on its own. It started with oldest first and over about 6 hours, systematically deleted the entire inbox, one email at a time. I did not know how to stop it. Good news is that my sync to outlook setup was not affected and as such the PC I work from had no issues in outlook and all of the emails were perserved. It should be noted that I was saving about 15,000 emails on the BB since around November 1, 2007 or so.

    My problem now is that although the outlook on my PC has the emails stored in the inbox, I cannot upload them or get them back to the BB which I need desperately. Our BES company (Appriver), claims they may be able to re-instate (for the BB) 14 days worth of emails but I really need to go back to at least mid November.

    Aside from simply forwarding all of these emails to myself from outlook, is there any other way to redownload these emails??
    01-05-08 02:54 PM