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    Hello all, Pls forgive me if this has been treated somewhere else. I'm new to thsi forum and have not seen a thread that attends to this challenge I have.

    I have a bold 9780 which has keeps rebooting. My DM, BBSAK and JL all do not see d phone. I intend reinstalling the OS (OS 6) but unfortunately, the size of the file (>170MB)has made ds difficult.

    The download does not have a "download resume" feature, hence anytime my internet connectn goes off, EVEN FOR A SECOND, the download stops and I have to start all over again!

    Anyone with advise on how to resolve this issue? are all BB OS 6 versions without "download resume" feature?

    please note that I have been able to donwload larger files since thsi staretd simply because these ones have a resume or pause feature.

    I really need to fix this,
    11-08-11 12:17 AM