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    In exchange for the Bold 9000 that was given to me for troubleshooting and support duties for our 950 users -the company that employs me would like to charge me a monthly 'imputed income' charge of $15 resulting in a $5 monthly tax. Or $60 per year.

    Granted this is an IRS driven initiative with which our company is trying to comply. I've been told that BB's used in a true group support setting would be exempt, but any smartphone given to an individual would be subject to this charge.

    From what I have gathered, some companies will reimburse for Imputed Income charges. That would be one solution...but that program doesn't exist at this company. While its only $60, the last thing I need to do is pay more taxes. I'd be more willing to increase my United Way contribution by this amount than pay this frivolous charge for simply doing my job.

    Anyone ever heard or experience this? As a BES admin I've found this to be an unusual cirmcumstance to say the least.
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    06-11-10 04:17 PM
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    Offer to give the berry back rather that pay the charge. If they say it is required to do your job then remind them they cannot charge you for something you must have. No different than a company trying to charge you a fee for a computer you use at work to do your job. If you keep the phone and take it home with you and use it then paying your share is what they are trying to do. To resolve that, check the phone out everyday and turn the phone in before you go home.
    06-11-10 04:44 PM
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    ISTM you are being billed (roughly) the full monthly running charges for the equipment used to do your job. I have two thoughts in mind...

    Are you a member of a union?

    I would consider rejecting the phone - toss it in a drawer, give it to a manager as personal toy, whatever. Provide you own phone if it is really necessary, and bill the company for the fair proportion of the monthly cost as a business expense. Otherwise they can phone you at your desk, and your personal cell is for personal use only.
    06-11-10 04:52 PM
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    Very strange that 950 people have BBs at your company, and they feel like charging
    you for the one you need to do your job.

    I don't think the amount is a lot, or the $5 monthly tax is outrageous, but it is weird
    since you probably are expected to be on call at all times.
    06-11-10 07:04 PM