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    l found the 6 os version on utorrent but l installed it wrong. now l have bunch of little icons on the phone l guess from every program but l can't navigate at all on the phone. l'm stuck with those little icons and an nonfunctional phone. l tried restoring the phone but l coundt. how do l fix this or how do l go back to 5 os again. l'd much rather downgrade to 5 os because l may return the phone as l had many problems with it but now l have 6os and l'm not able to return lt. can someone help me please?
    11-07-10 03:01 AM
  2. nighguy's Avatar
    Check the comments from the initial post on OS 6.0 unofficial release for the 9700. You'll need to wipe your phone, then reload but not until you've deleted the vendor.xml file and the two tmobile theme files in the java directory. The theme files is what's causing the icons to look really tiny.
    11-07-10 04:07 AM
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    Here's your duplicate thread, as creating more than one will not get help any faster:


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    11-07-10 04:59 AM