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    l found the 6 os version on utorrent but l installed it wrong. now l have bunch of little icons on the phone l guess from every program but l can't navigate at all on the phone. l'm stuck with those little icons and an nonfunctional phone. l tried restoring the phone but l coundt. how do l fix this or how do l go back to 5 os again. l'd much rather downgrade to 5 os because l may return the phone as l had many problems with it but now l have 6os and l'm not able to return lt. can someone help me please?
    11-07-10 04:47 AM
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    1. Run Apploader.exe, follow all instructions on-screen, downgrade, choose to downgrade to the application versions that came with OS 5 and continue. Everything will be backed up, device will be wiped, everything will be restored afterwards (including third party apps).

    2. Now that you learned from downloading OS 6 for the 9780, as that is the only one on BT right now, you'll just wait for an official release. Pranksters labeled it as "os 6 for 9700". Don't fall for it.

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    11-07-10 04:56 AM
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    11-07-10 04:59 AM