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    i recently got a Pearl and want to set it up to receive my work emails. unfortunately, our small office doesn't have a dedicated IT person so i'm trying to figure this out myself with the help of crackberry forums.

    i have several small problems which is giving me a big headache. here's what i tried so far and what is happening:
    1. i assume that i need to run BIS but i'm not sure if our server is IMAP or POP so i set up 1 for each on my BB.
    2. however, i noticed that both the IMAP and POP are not working properly. if my desktop outlook gets 10 emails, the IMAP email will get maybe 4 and the POP will get 3 but not necessarily the same ones. in other words, the IMAP may get an email which the POP one didn't get and vice-versa.
    3. i also noticed that any email sent from a coworker (---@companydomain.com) doesn't make it to either email account.

    anyone have any ideas? i don't understand how both email setups only get partial emails and why i don't get any internal office emails at all. any help is GREATLY appreciated!!
    03-07-08 12:17 PM
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    btw, i'm on Sprint if that matters at all.
    03-07-08 12:18 PM
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    If i remember a thread i read correctly, its an issue with Outlook pulling the mail off the server before it can be sent to the BB, try closing your outlook, and sending a few test messages.

    Also, maybe you can look into the BES that RIM offers, it is a RIM hosted BES, and it might be an option as well, using their servers
    03-07-08 01:15 PM
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    thx for the reply.

    i usually check my BB emails before i leave for work. once i get to the office and turn on my computer, that's when i realize that my BB didn't get a lot of my desktop emails. i'll try turning off outlook and see what happens tho.

    also, i work at a small office and have the only BB so i don't think BES is an option since it's costly. thus i'm trying to use the BIS method which unfortunately isn't working out too well.
    03-07-08 02:06 PM
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    well RIM offers a hosted BES option as well, and you can get a BES"light" version, with which you can use 1 license free.

    Just know, i am remembering from threads i have read, and am not 100%, but i do remember the BES hosted by RIM, and a BES "light" free or very low cost

    As to the email, i would bet that when you turn off your Outlook, everything works as needed.

    Can you just forward it to your @sprint.blackberry.com address??
    03-07-08 02:11 PM
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    thanks again... I just tried what you suggested: turned off my outlook and sent emails from both my hotmail and gmail accounts to my work email address and my blacberry address.

    the POP and IMAP on my BB didn't receive either but the blackberry account received both. then i opened up my outlook again and lo and behold, they're both there.

    i tried to set up my outlook to automatically redirect to my BB but that didn't seem to work either. i've read about the BES express on these forums but there seem to be conflicting info about how and if it works so i thought i'd try that as a last ditch effort if nothing else worked.

    one more thing, our server is hosted by 1and1.com. i've noticed that people have been having email problems with them too. could that be part of the problem? i still don't know why the POP and IMAP emails would get only some emails and different ones at that.
    03-07-08 02:42 PM
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    The problem you are most likely having is that you set up an account for each type. IMAP and POP work differently. POP doesn't leave messages on the server at all. As soon as you have them on one computer or in one account, that's where it stays. IMAP leaves messages on the server so that all the computers you have that account set up on have the same data.

    If you set up a POP account and an IMAP account that use the same login/password, POP will take the message off the server and then IMAP won't be able to find it. 1and1 does have a fairly efficient mail server, but they allow connections of either type to any account. They are trying to be versitile, but if you don't know the difference, it can be a bit confusing.

    My suggestion would be to delete all connections to the account, then using the FAQs section at 1and1 set up the computer and phone to only have IMAP connections.
    03-31-08 11:01 AM
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    I would defenetly agree about removing the accounts from your bb and outlook then setting them both up for imap. The main benefit of that would allow you do manage your email on the server instead of downloading them all to your machine.

    Good luck to you

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    03-31-08 11:22 AM
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    I have been getting my emails automatically forwarded to my blackberry device. This works for all emails that are under 5mb's. I get a lot of attachments in my business that are always over 5mb. I never need to open them on by BB but it would be nice not to miss the body of the message so I know it came over when I am away from the office. Anyone know a way around this? I also tried setting up my work email directly into my blackberry but when I had my Outlook open, it would not send to my BB because my Outlook would pull it off of my server first. Any advise would be great.
    04-04-08 06:05 PM