1. s7khan's Avatar
    To everyone I've shown the Bridge feature to, they've loved it. I love it, it's a cool idea, and I was wondering if anyone else would appreciate a much larger role.

    The Playbook is versatile and powerful. It's the first BlackBerry product that is more or as powerful as competing products in it's generation (in a while). And except for a few hangups, it's always been reliable. The app selection leaves a lot to be desired, but the games that are coming on are amazing, and I hope the trend continues.

    But imagine a game specifically built to utilize the Bridge's capabilities. Quick example, think about a simple bowling game, I'm sure all of us have seen one in the Wii. Once your Playbook is connected to your TV, you could use your BB7 or I'm assuming the BB10 phone to use as the controller. Or for apps, instead of using a cursor, create a Bridge specific app on the phone.

    Your Playbook becomes a slightly more expensive, but immediately the most advance form of Digital Media Receiver in the market. Users may decide to buy the new Playbook since they actually have a use for an old piece of electronic instead of collecting dust. BlackBerry lacks an ecosystem, a problem not shared with Apple, Google, or even Windows. I think this could help correct that.

    Anyhow, just some thoughts swirling in my mind.
    03-06-12 08:19 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    If rim opens up the SDK for it, then all of this is 100% possible
    RIM kinda of has bridge locked up at the moment for their own gain

    Kind of like how now, BBM integration is finally released.
    03-06-12 08:55 AM
  3. gorang's Avatar
    Imagine Baby Monitor app that would run through the Bridge, if it was used with phone and PB or two phones. You set one phone as MIC and another as speaker. So MIC device goes to silent and forwards SMS/BBM/email/calls to Speaker device. If they disconnect Speaker device can give you warnings and display battery level of the MIC device. It would be awesome, posibilities with bridge are amazing, hopefully RIM can put their efforts together and make the most of it
    03-06-12 12:42 PM
  4. anthogag's Avatar
    I've used Wii a few times, swinging my arm to pretend I'm bowling was lame. I think it's a game for couch potatoes

    Will be exciting when augmented reality makes it to the playbook
    03-06-12 08:25 PM
  5. s7khan's Avatar
    Never been happier to see someone else beat me to what I personally thought was a great idea

    03-08-12 02:23 PM