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    I saw that one of my post is now dead. I'm sure it was taken down because of its misinterpreted message. I post my feelings and ideas to RIM. I know they read crackberry.com as all of the crackberry nation does. My post was more of a pep talk to the makers of my beloved devices. I think blog sights like CB is the forum RIM needs to listen to. Iunderstand the worthlessness of toxic talk and RIM bashing, but if we flood with sight with candy canes and pixi dust it wouldnt give RIM its ear to the streets from blackberry lovers like myself. Yes get rid of the trolls from the other mobile nation sites that come here to disrupt but dont throw out the baby with the bathwater. we are ALL fanboys and fangirls, no i didnt go to an empty AT&T store to demand the 9900 but eachone of us that post with good intentions waves the flag for RIM daily. I sincerly apologize to the moderators if they thought my post was bad mouthing RIM,it actually had more suggestions than just kicking the ball of problems around.

    Fight on RIM you are in a fight for your life.
    10-03-11 05:53 PM