1. JAY BIRD's Avatar
    I looked on my phone bill and at&t charge me 200 extra bucks for data per usage

    I don't know what this is......but this is what I think it came from

    1.I use my gps mapquest beta(thought this was free) on a 4hr. trip and 4hr. going back home

    2.I download 6 pics from the internet,that was in my e-mail account

    3.sometimes my girlfriend instand message me from yahoo messenger into my phone

    the bill said I had use 37,000 kb

    which one did at&t charge me for,cause I'm not sure

    thanks for the help
    03-04-09 06:30 PM
  2. FuturaxLabs's Avatar
    Well the mapquest service might have been free but you still have to connect to the internet in order to use it. Using yahoo also connects to the internet so you are being charged for both. If you want to do anything involving instant messaging or web based you need to have a Blackberry Personal Plan on your account. I would def recommend adding it this way you can avoid future problems.
    03-04-09 06:33 PM
  3. dervari's Avatar
    Mapquest and Email mostly.
    03-04-09 06:35 PM
  4. sjirgens's Avatar
    A 4 hour trip using mapquest the whole time would be a huge amount of date.
    03-04-09 06:41 PM
  5. Kronk's Avatar
    Unless you have an unlimited data plan, they charged you for all of them.
    03-04-09 06:44 PM
  6. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    everything you described sounds like it uses data. anything you use involving the internet (email, web browsing, data applications -mapquest and yahoo) uses data. even though the applications themselves may be free, you use data to utilize them.

    if you plan on using apps as much in the future as you did this month, you should think about getting an unlimited data plan. on verizon it's $30 unlimited, not sure how much it is on AT&T but i'm sure it's comparable.
    03-04-09 06:46 PM
  7. JAY BIRD's Avatar
    so what should I go about the mapquest problem to avoid being charged

    do I need to set up some type of plan with cingular

    I have one last trip, at the same destination

    so I wont be needing the gps anymore

    anyone have suggestion
    03-04-09 06:46 PM
  8. Branta's Avatar
    I looked on my phone bill and at&t charge me 200 extra bucks for data per usage
    the bill said I had use 37,000 kb

    which one did at&t charge me for,cause I'm not sure
    More to the point, what did you instruct AT&T to include and bundle in your package deal? It wouldn't be the first time an account had been incorrectly provisioned.

    Your extra cost is about right for 37MBytes off package ($6/MByte) but I think your estimate of where that data went is open to doubt. A few pictures by email and a bit of map data seems unlikely to run this level, I get an average use for most months about 10-20MBytes with A LOT of email.

    It sounds more like all your data usage for the whole month has been billed as off-package, so again it comes down to what services you requested, what you signed for, and what they provisioned.
    03-04-09 06:47 PM
  9. guitar2989's Avatar
    It looks like they charged you per mb.
    03-04-09 06:50 PM
  10. JAY BIRD's Avatar
    so let just say

    I tell my gf don't message me this month,at all in fact........

    and I don't go on the internet or download anymore

    but I do use the mapquest for the 4hr. trip going and 4hr.s going back

    you think it will be cheaper or about the same?
    03-04-09 07:11 PM
  11. jrod3055's Avatar
    Bottom line is call ATT and confirm you data plan. I would not second guess yourself until you speak with a CR and they give you a breakdown of usage. The rest is up to you on how you manage your phone use.
    03-04-09 07:33 PM
  12. JAY BIRD's Avatar
    well I think I'm better off print a map

    because I took a lot off my phone after that

    I took off internet,I took off text pics

    and something else,so I might not be able to use the gps anymore anyway
    03-04-09 07:37 PM
  13. JAY BIRD's Avatar
    also read that telenav gps on the blackberry phone is 30 day trial

    then 10 bucks a month after that

    I think I'm going to use the telenav,and maybe it won't charge me on my bill since its free for 30 days and is already on the phone

    I'm going to delete mapquest
    03-04-09 07:48 PM
  14. jeff.parent's Avatar
    I don't think you understand. They let you run the telenav app for 30 without making you buy it. But it will download information like the map and routes and points of interest. All of this uses data and if you don't have a data plan than all you can do is make calls. All gps apps use data, all IM and Email uses data. Text messages are separate from data but still are not covered under your minutes per month.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    03-04-09 08:16 PM