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    Privacy and security are really important to me, that's one of the main reasons I only use BlackBerry phones. After reading about Google tracking and the security breach in Apple's icloud I am now more than ever convinced that BlackBerry is the right choice for me. Today while cruising the internet I found an article about the security of the iphone being easy to compromise. What was most shocking about the article is the information Apple saves to your icloud account without you knowing about it. I've always been critical about android, but after reading this article, I think I would use android over Apple now.

    iPwned: How easy is it to mine Apple services, devices for data? | Ars Technica
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    09-13-14 10:22 PM
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    Interesting. They mentioned trying to hack into BlackBerry passwords too. Will be interested to see that outcome. I always thought that Apple was more secure than Android. Thank you for sharing.

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    09-13-14 10:40 PM
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    Cloud services is not the way to go. Honestly, you just gave away your data......ask the NSA. Snowden took it all. I prefer my z30 with all its storage, and then auto backing to my work system/home system. I know that I am the IT guy.

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    09-14-14 08:55 AM

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