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    I'm currently a Boost mobile user, and have an i465 as my phone. What got me in boost was the unlimited everything plan for $50 a month. However, the i465 phone I currently have is really underpowered as I'm trying to become more productive myself. My first bet was for an HTC EVO 4G from sprint but the costs for the service alone are way too high, almost double for the same service and it does not include iDEN network PTT.

    My needs are the following:
    - PTT (push to talk)
    - 3G (I believe there isn't a 4G yet)
    - Ability to process google docs, gmail, google calendar, and most google online apps.
    - Ability to watch videos from online websites such as youtube.

    So far the most suitable BB I've seen was the 8530 but I dislike it's size, it seems to small and the screen is even smaller. On the other hand I've got trouble finding another BB which has PTT abilities.

    11-19-10 11:20 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Verizon offers PTT on the Bold 9650. You might want to take a look at it.
    11-20-10 12:40 AM
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    What about looking at the Blackberry Style on Sprint.
    I think Sprint has PTT, but I"m not sure .. OS6 is awesome, and the phone has a really good sized screen for not being a touchscreen device.

    Sprint actually has 4G speed (and 3G).

    I know that all BBs can view Youtube videos, but with OS6's webkit browser, I"m sure you will have the best experience.

    Not totally sure about the Google Docs/Cal stuff, but I'm pretty sure there is an application for that for all Blackberrys. (or at least one should be coming).

    You could also look into the Torch 9800 (touch screen with slide out keyboard - also sporting OS6).
    Only problem with the Torch is that its on AT&T which has pretty bad service, at least where I live, but does have 3G speed (not sure about PTT though) - But everything else is the same as the Style, except the phone is touch screen with a slide out keyboard.
    11-20-10 12:42 AM
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    The torch might be something to look into. AT&T is great in some spots, but mediocre in others. This is something you will encounter with any service though. Get them to check your coverage area. An unlocked torch will run on say tmobile as fast as an 8530 will on it's designated provider. If picture taking is a factor too then I'm not sure the 2mp camera the 8530 has will satisfy.

    My advice... Go get a hands on with the different models to help "right fit" yourself.
    11-20-10 01:37 AM
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    thnx for the comments. im wondering if they would let me try them out at sprint or verizon or boost store. ive never owned a bb before but ill look into the models u guys mentioned

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    11-20-10 05:38 AM
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    i forgot to add, the ptt feature is critical as thats how i communicate with business partners in mexico. however on the bb site it doesnt specify if some models have ptt

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    11-20-10 05:47 AM