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    Hi....I was able to download this app and have mostly figured it out, but I have some basic questions.

    1) What is the significance of "tagging" a song? I tagged a song thinking that I could replay it later at will...can I? If not..what is the purpose of tagging a song?

    2) Also, is there any way to listen to Iheart with earphones?

    3) Why can you get the lyrics for some songs and tag some songs but not others?

    4) What is Randomize? Is this basically a shuffle of various radio stations?

    5) Any way to copy the lyrics to a song given or e-mail the lyrics? I see that you can save the page.

    BTW....so far...i really like the app...it just shuts off here and there from time to time.
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    Figured out that I could just place headphones in my BB to stop it from acting as a speakerphone.

    Also have one more question...can you cache stations like with Slacker to listen to later? If so...how? Thanks.

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    03-30-09 08:51 PM
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    Just giving this a bump in case anyone knows the answer to any of these questions. Any help would be appreciated.

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    03-31-09 01:58 PM