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    I am posting this because i couldn't find a correct (up to date) solution in the forums and discovered this useful trick through trial and error. My goal was to allow me to add some text behind a phone number that would not dial e.g. "212-555-5555 never after 9" (i used to use a "#", but this now gets converted to a number and all following letters also get converted to a number and dialed).
    I should add here that i add most of my contacts in Outlook2007, then sync to my bb 9700 (OS If I insert a "!" in outlook, this gets translated to a Wait command in the bb, which allows you the option to ignore the subsequent letters at the time of dialing. Since i had 400+ entries in my address book, i exported from Outlook (which sync's to my BIS bb) to excel, replaced all my "#"'s with "!"'s and then imported back to outlook. When this all got sync'd to my 9700, they got correctly translated to Wait commands (instead of an "!" they display as a W on a black background) as I had hoped.
    Now, when I dial a person with a wait command inserted, my phone dials the number, then i am presented with the option to dial the remaining digits (converted to numbers), or "Skip" - which is what I select.
    The only other trick that applies here is when you are entering a phone number directly on the bb (rather than in Outlook). Enter the number, select Option / Insert Wait / then hold down the Alt key or right shift key to allow you to enter the desired letters. You should see 212-555-1212 [Wait symbol] ask for Sue
    In outlook, just enter a "!" then the letters straight from your keyboard. (eg 212-555-1212 ! ask for Sue).
    I should add the obvious - that this capability may be unique to the 9700, but I'm thinking it may be linked to the OS (I referenced my version above).
    03-17-10 01:31 PM
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    Very interesting and thanks for sharing. I may give this a try on my Tour. There are a few numbers that I would not mind annotating that way rather than elsewhere in the Contact info.
    03-17-10 01:54 PM