11-20-12 05:55 PM
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    There is a story here that goes beyond specs and features. RIM can't just present an attractive product, they have to tell a convincing story that they've learned from the past and they're back to ask for our business again.
    Exactly, they need to get the point across that BB10 is an entirely new approach and OS, and not just the old devices with more features.

    But I also don't think they should describe the BBOS devices as current failures, but rather point out how they revolutionalized the industry when they came out, and how BB10 is about to do that again. Make Android and IOS look outdated and "so yesterday" in how they seem clunky to use in comparison to BB10's "flow." Point out that BB10 is the next step beyond Android/iPhone, the next generation of smartphone for everyone that's more powerful and easier to navigate.

    And do everything possible to not just get apps into the store, but to get other companies to start advertising "download our app for your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry 10 device." Without BB10 seeming like an accepted alternative in the mainstream, it's going to be a hard sell, now matter how great the product is.
    11-19-12 01:49 PM
  2. Techno-Emigre's Avatar
    I was creating a similar post the other day in my thinking booth .. er shower. I love all these ideas. Others might include:

    Ads, promos and sponsorships for professional organization publications and conferences are relatively inexpensive yet target likely customers. Use of articles offering topics matching the eithical gudelines of a professional organization with ways BB10 can protect data yet be portable (this might be in the RIM web section for reporters as I have never looked). Those could also be used by BB users who are members to write more specific how-to artricles.

    I never get tired of giving a slick presentation with my PlayBook and watching members of the audience trying to replicate what I am doing on their various devices, looking at others' attempting and then all concluding they can't. An ad could feature a college student giving a presentation in class, gets "A". Showing what did to parent (suit), then showing the parent giving a presentation, frustrated collegues realizing their devices can't compete, and getting a promotion.

    A suit being recognized at work as the ultimate multitasking work horse and later that evening being recognized in community as dedicated to relationship/family.

    Sponsoring efforts of people making a difference in the world using BBM, etc.

    For sure RIM brains better than mine are working full speed on their campaign. They have to overcome the concept BB is hard to learn, create "ease" and coolness.
    11-19-12 02:16 PM
  3. cpsquires's Avatar
    Anytime I see a demo of BB10, like in one video where Kevin is playing around with it as he is talking, flicking around the OS, I always get an idea.
    In other phone commercials you see a cool feature and at the bottom it says "sequences shortened". A BB10 video should show cool features and how fast it is, then at the end, zoom in on the small print at the bottom that says "Sequences NOT shortened" or something like that.
    11-19-12 09:56 PM
  4. mkwb's Avatar
    We invented the Smartphone.

    Now we have perfected it.

    Blackberry 10.
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    11-20-12 01:59 AM
  5. eyhab27's Avatar
    nice i like that
    11-20-12 10:24 AM
  6. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    im horrible at marketing but i have a rough idea of what could help them.

    RIM needs to let the people know that they are back. they need to let people know that BBs are not just for business but an average guy can use them too. The reason we came out with cell phones is so that we can communicate with each other faster and in a broader area. we arnt just tied down to our home computers or our home phones anymore. i think RIM needs to appeal to the people that dont know how efficient BBs are at communicating and how quickly you can communicate with them. a BB makes your world smaller and easier to contact who you need to when you need to.
    11-20-12 10:43 AM
  7. Ronstermadness's Avatar
    my campaign would start with bbos7. each add would show two or three short cut keys followed by " YOU DON'T NEED AN APP FOR THAT". Another campaign would be to show bb's in action. being used in the front lines by the armys , police, and organizers in disaster zones. followed by " WHEN SECURITY AND RELIABILITY ARE JOB ONE" . I hate to say this but to bring a cool factor into the mix. show it being used by the under world by criminal organizations mobs , bike gangs. it could look like this " a group of well dressed business looking men lets say they all look italian and could be all apart of the same family. walking into a room for a very seriuse meeting. the leader of the group lets call him the god father sets at the head of a big table and inspects each and every one as they get checked at the door. the big door man pats each one down as they come through the door as if hes checking for guns. but hes checking phones. when he finds bbs he sends them into the room when he finds ios or driods he truns them away. " followed by " WHEN NOBODY CAN KNOW WHATS BEING SAID BEHIND CLOSED DOORS".
    11-20-12 11:17 AM
  8. croman's Avatar
    I think you're on to something here.. I've spoken with MANY people about BB10 and I would say that 8 out of 10 people (mainly BlackBerry users have NO IDEA that there is a new BlackBerry 10 OS coming out!).. If RIM wants to succeed they NEED to start marketing to the masses ASAP! I have friends that are dropping like flies from BBM (jumping ship to either iOS or Android) simply because they have no idea of changes going on at RIM. Sure, all of us on the forums know whats to come, but for those people who just use a phone or get what everyone else is getting (typical iPhone fans), will buy Apple products because they think they are the best thing out there.

    This is not a marketing campaign this is a creative part of the advertising campaign, which is a part of marketing campaign. But here are my thoughts on what they should do in terms of marketing.
    I've been reading these forums a lot lately and there some very good ideas being passed around here which in my mind RIM should consider.
    The simple way is to burn loads of cash on TV,Outdoor and Print, and then direct whatever is left to Online and SMM. Out of these I personally think that Outdoor will be the most efficient and matches more the aspirational criteria of BlackBerry Thor mentions so often.
    And until a certain point I thought that either way RIM will have to come through these channels in order to spread the word. However i came across a couple of ideas on these forums, that got me thinking. (I'm really sorry I can't remember the usernames at the moment, when I'll have some more time I'll dig up and add.)
    Idea 1:
    "Give a 15% discount to existing customers." It might sound lame, until you expand on this, there are several things going for this strategy.
    1) Just think about it, there are 80 million active BB OS users in the world, is there a way RIM can reach those? Well ye, I'm pretty sure they have all the pins of their devices. So how about talking direct to your customer base through one of your strongest selling points -BBM? There are several ways to go about this, but we can mock up as follows:
    I) User receives an BBM invite from RIM.
    II) User receives the first message, with links to videos and pretty landing pages talking about how BB10 is awesome and how it will change his/her life forever.
    III) User receives the third message with an offer (of let's say a discount ((percentage depending on what the margins can afford)) on the device purchase or a 50 credit in the app store) to sign up for pre order no financial obligation until official announcement day.
    Here we can implement Idea 2:
    "E-Commerce it, don't make customers go to the shops" I think this is a very good idea, as it sets BlackBerry apart from the competition (Apple in particular), and puts it where it belongs - with the pioneers of the digital age.
    You can even try and make a small projection out of this. We do know that there are 80 million subscription to services, what we don't know is how many of those are collateral. For instance I have 2 blackberry's with services active on both. But one is my back up phone which is turned on once a year, just to check whether it is alive.
    Lets be brutal to RIM, and say 10 out of 80 mill are actually dead, not used subs. So we are left with 70 mil. From here we can use the regular direct mail projection of 2% average pick up (I personally think this percentage will be higher, as rim will be addressing existing customers, but let's stay brutal). So in the end we get 2% of 70 = 1.4 mil. This is the campaign target sales number, which can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of media and SMM advertising and marketing.

    Idea 3:
    There was a big and very insightful post on grassroots marketing, in the universities. It was basically a story of how one BB faithful got into an argument with 10 or so iOS/Android users and got them interested in the dark side.
    What it showed explicitly is how unaware general audience is of BB 10. But this got me thinking about Apple. You know how they run their university and school deals, and get their products in the classrooms, labs and dorms...In return they get a very loyal ambassadorial crowd, that will go around through their lives spreading the word of Apples awesomeness. And what might be even more important, they get loads of free content (iTunes U). I very much doubt that they patented this marketing strategy, so there is absolutely no reason why RIM shouldn't explore this path.
    It won't cost a lot either:
    redirect or hire marketing people in the regions of big international student clusters (a good start will be US and UK). and just send them on the crusade. Arm them with freebies to keep the audience attendance numbers high, and then just let the quality of the OS and Hardware speak for itself. Make deals for content with Universities, upload it to app world, use all incentives possible to make that crowd talk and argue with others about the device, but also make them want to use the device.

    This is more of a long term strategy, rather than immediate returns one. But in my mind it can be very rewarding.

    And then ye, buy a lot of media space.
    11-20-12 04:55 PM
  9. croman's Avatar
    just noticed a new Video posted by BlackBerry (RIM) on Youtube........

    11-20-12 05:02 PM
  10. cbvinh's Avatar
    Sorry, but this video has made its rounds here a few times. If you look at the posted date, it says May 1, 2012. It's November.
    11-20-12 05:08 PM
  11. cbvinh's Avatar
    I agree. Apple did it to perfection with their devices. Each one showed an aspect of what the device can do, and people ate it up.
    I agree about keeping the ads simple, showcasing one unique aspect of the platform, like Flow or Hub. Show people how to use it before they pick up one at a store.
    11-20-12 05:16 PM
  12. croman's Avatar
    sorry.. lol just popped up on my FB wall and I swear I've never seen it before.. #opps.
    11-20-12 05:55 PM
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