10-02-11 01:19 PM
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  1. 0100010's Avatar
    I do this daily in my car. Start the call, put it on speakerphone, then plug in the 3.5mm stereo port into the car radio auxillary input using a 1.5ft male to male 3.5mm stereo audio cable. Can hear them on the speakers in the car, they hear me through the mic on the BB; with liberal use of the Mute button.

    Edit : Once the phone is in this mode, all future calls while still plugged in work the same.
    10-01-11 03:45 PM
  2. albee 1's Avatar
    Very important to make sure its an Aux In not Aux Out!

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    10-01-11 08:31 PM
  3. rustylvnv's Avatar
    This absolutely works, I do it everyday in my car. I plug my phone in the aux jack and set my radio to aux. I listen to music and then if I get a call I hit the speakerphone button and presto, I can listen to the caller thru my car speakers. Then I just talk using the speakerphone. Works perfectly. When I hang up the call it goes right back to my music. It's like having bluetooth. I also do this in my other car using the cassette deck. I have one of those cassette adapters and it does the same exact thing. Try it, it works!
    This is exactly what I do in both my cars. One has an auxiliary jack in the front and the other I use a cassette adapter. I simply set my phone on my lap and talk, works great, better than my bluetooth visor unit. I make a call and then click the headset button on bottom left corner of call screen. Works perfect!

    Plus I play Pandora through the speakers using my the same method.
    10-02-11 01:15 PM
  4. Chrisy's Avatar
    I use my Subaru aux in for calls too. Works for all, music and voice navigation directions. Pretty cool.
    10-02-11 01:19 PM
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