1. strawberryfields99's Avatar
    I lost my Blackberry, then paid $89 to get a new one (because I have insurance). Then I found the old one a week later... Can my husband use the old BB that I found? Or will Verizon lock it down? He is also with Verizon, but not on my account.

    I don't want to call Verizon and ask, because maybe then they WILL lock it down. I don't want the thing to go to waste.

    03-04-10 11:07 AM
  2. Xpimp's Avatar
    Once you called and reported that phone stolen Verizon immediately blocked or blacklisted the ESN. If you call Verizon they are either going to want the replacement back, or the phone you recovered.
    03-04-10 11:09 AM
  3. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Otherwise, it would be considered insurance fraud.
    03-04-10 11:11 AM
  4. strawberryfields99's Avatar
    Ok, that's too bad. I was hoping to at least be able to do something with the old one. Thanks.

    I had the ringer set to vibrate, so I wasn't able to find it when I called it, and the dang thing was under my car seat. Thought it was gone forever till I cleaned out my car!
    03-04-10 11:18 AM
  5. Fisco's Avatar
    I like the way you put lost and found but yeah I no with o2 here in the uk they blacklist the phone

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    03-04-10 11:19 AM