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    Just hear me out because this was in Palm's hayday! Back when the Treo 650 was coming out I was invited by Palm to an event in downtown DC because I was a Treo 600 owner/user to see the new 650. They had events like this in a few major metro areas in the US (don't recall all the details because it was a long time ago). RIM should do something similar for BB10 prior to release. They know who owns BBOS7 devices so invitations shouldn't be hard. Target 99xx and 98xx users. Show off the actual L and N devices and let people hold them and play with them. Offer up something for people to come down to a few hour event (hotel ballroom with pastries, coffee, etc.) with a presentation, see and use BB10 devices on final hardware, and give people something to help get more early adoption out of the gate. I remember that I came away from the Treo event excited and ready for the 650, and it didn't really change much at all compared to the 600. I think it would get Blackberry people even more excited and committed to the platform especially because it is a huge change from the old devices. RIM should also consider an early release to these people at these events to get BB10 devices in peoples hands to show off to friends and co-workers to get excitement built up for BB10 actual launch. I'd take a half day of work off to do something like this and I think it would help generate more buzz for RIM. I think I got to pre-order a Treo 650 and a little off of it too. Doesn't have to be Thor or a higher up on the stage, just some good presenters and marketing people.
    10-14-12 09:35 AM

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