1. hnguyen's Avatar
    If RIM does decide to license QNX they should do so that separate the OS from the licensee to BB10.

    Basically RIM can whitebox a barebones QNX OS to manufactures like Samsung, HTC, LG, etc, and they can do whatever they want with it. They can skin it and add their own app store and custom native apps.

    QNX is a powerful OS and it is incredibly scalable when it comes to hardware. The phone manufacturers who license its will greatly benefit from it. For RIM, not only will they get paid for the licenses but makes the OS more ubiquitous. Developing an app for an appstore on one device can make it easily be ported to another appstore. Similarly to how the Google appstore and Amazon's appstore on the kindle.

    But what keeps RIM's BB10 special is that only RIM hardware will take advantage of their backend (BIS/BES) NOC and pushed email/bbm services. By Whiteboxing QNX and licensing to manufacture RIM can maintain their brand and at the same time spread the power of QNX to the masses.
    02-02-12 05:20 PM
  2. missing_K-W's Avatar
    We need to see past the stigma of licensing BB10 to only to Hardware manufacturers, and entertain the idea of RIM taking this further ,to such markets as the medical industry, Automobile industry, and to current customers of QNX.

    QNX has autonomy to a point where it can penetrate all markets on earth. Expect big things....I certainly am. Mike and JIM pioneered the Smartphone revolution. Over the past 2 years+ they have put the pieces together for RIM 2.0....In February we'll see the first fruits of this....MHein's has the bases loaded...Time for a grand slam

    Licensing QNX/BB10 is much broader then what many may perceive at this point in time IMHO ofcourse.

    Last year at this time many here thought I had way to many grandiose notions pertaining to how RIM was targeting the PB as a mobile computing platform.....As well adopting Qt, Phyton etc, and supporting all open frameworks. One year later this is the case +more.....Look over my post history...I just like to peek into the future
    02-02-12 05:45 PM