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    I am trying to do the Crack Mem. I want to download the desktop software
    I get confused on the service pack I should choose because it has 4.2 but then it has 4.2 service pack 2 etc my phone says platform
    which one should I download?

    07-25-08 07:18 PM
  2. Mrs. Curvy's Avatar
    Can someone please help me out with this!
    07-25-08 07:37 PM
  3. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Of course....

    The first step is to identify the best choice for your computer. If you are using a newer Windows Vista, you should use Desktop Manager v4.5.

    If you are using an older computer like the Windows XP, should be able to use the later v4.5, but the v.4.3 will work too.

    The older version, like the one on the BlackBerry CD have been retired. The first thing they will do is recommend an upgrade.

    Once you have that installed, we can link you to the the best software choices.

    I am an advocate of starting with your carriers default system. If you choose to upgrade later, it is a comfort knowing you can easly roll back if you run into problems.

    BlackBerry Desktop Software
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    07-25-08 08:03 PM