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    Hear me out. But one of the best touted features of BB App World is THEMES! I can have an OS5 device slap a theme on it and it looks like the latest OS7 devices albeit less functional overall but is a theme really about function?
    Perhaps RIM is holding back on the latest theme studio because they expect Devs to mock "BB10" and port "themes" to legacy OS 7 devices. Call me crazy but if you've seen what they're attempting with WebWorks and BBUI.js (and how it supports devices back to BBOS5) +although the OS5 support is less than optimal+ imagine the things that will be done to our current BB7.x devices with a proper theme studio and the current Webkit Engine?

    Unlike Apple who invalidates their entry into the tablet market by not supporting the iPad 1 after 2 years. RIM will be validating a product thats been in the market for a couple years come 2013 (Playbook). Playbook and BBOS7 are far from the end, if anything they are big steps we just can't see. They put NFC in these latest BBs for a reason too. It's hard to say what the future will bring but I see plenty of groundwork to BLOW away the competition in ways we've never seen!
    When Heins says that BB7 devices will be the entry level BB, I believe him, because they're putting a lot in place to keep support going and who really knows what could be coming down the long road to BB10.
    "waiting is the hardest part"

    Blackberry 10 will be state of the art 13:34

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    07-31-12 10:27 AM
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    It was supposed to be out mid June/July according to Hedone and BlackBerry. Not sure why it was delayed yet again.

    Themes are about user satisfaction, and there are some who are unsatisfied. It all ties into the UI/x. Any part that is seen as lacking by a consumer will mean, to them, it is deficient.

    As to what they plan for their legacy devices? No one knows. If they do, they aren't telling. People have no choice but to wait.
    07-31-12 10:52 AM