1. dangquan09's Avatar
    I want to buy one blackberry . Can anyone advise me on the best one today. Price does not matter
    07-23-19 12:07 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    KEY2 and KEY2 LE are current phones.
    07-23-19 08:09 AM
  3. thurask's Avatar
    KEY2 or KEY2LE, depending on availability and what network you want to use it on.
    07-23-19 08:11 AM
  4. RoseBud68's Avatar
    07-25-19 09:46 PM
  5. hplovecraft's Avatar
    Key2 - done...
    07-26-19 11:37 AM
  6. gebco's Avatar
    Storm has too many bugs. Storm 2 is where it's at.
    John Albert likes this.
    07-26-19 11:53 AM
  7. the_boon's Avatar
    If you're in the US and have a hard time finding a brand new KEY2 or KEY2 LE, the next best thing would be a KEYone Black Edition or Bronze Edition if you want dual SIM.
    07-26-19 11:53 AM
  8. gebco's Avatar
    BTW OP, get a Key2 or Key2 LE

    Storm has too many bugs. Storm 2 is where it's at.
    07-26-19 11:55 AM
  9. Chun9's Avatar
    Go and get your key2. You wont regret. Im just bought mine two weeks ago and enjoying it even I left my iphone x as secondary and key2 become my daily driver.I want to buy one blackberry-img_20190727_001746_259.jpeg
    07-26-19 12:18 PM
  10. hplovecraft's Avatar
    And we have a winner ;-)

    Posted via CB10
    07-26-19 12:57 PM
  11. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Storm has too many bugs. Storm 2 is where it's at.
    No!! The storm 3 is where it's totally at!!! :P

    Typed on my blackberry classic with 10.3.3-latest on freedom mobile HSPA+
    08-09-19 04:31 AM
  12. gebco's Avatar
    Oooooh! With SurePress Lithuanian keyboard! You start the crowdfunding , I'll throw moral support your way.

    No!! The storm 3 is where it's totally at!!! :P
    08-09-19 11:08 AM

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