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    Hi,I'm just this minute signed up.How are you guys today?

    I'm about to ramble and talk quite a lot cause I just don't know what I'm doing! ::groans::

    Well my service provider Customer Service Support sucks. So I hope you guys can help me here.

    I am a developing music artist and I really need to hear what people are sending me. So I need to be able to listen to MP3s attached to my Emails. I downloaded AudioPOP but it seems not to be working with my blackberry.net email address. Then I realised I need a POP email account (Hotmail?/GMail?)!but my plams are getting sweaty trying to figure out why I am getting a vadility error when I try to Add Email Accounts. I am selecting the first option in Setup wizard "Create or Add new Account" but it won't work when I add my Free Hotmail.

    When I try my Msn account it actually says processing on screen without going straight to the error page like when I try my Free Hotmail.but then eventually it shows up as vadility error.
    I checked here my help options on my phone. On my phone "Help" is saying that if I select "Add work account" (the second option in Email setup in Wizard) it will ask me to configure POP or IMAP settings but I'm just being asked for a password from my administrator and name of server when I select that option.I don't know all of that. Is this what I have to do enter that stuff to add a POP account?

    I'm just tired all I'm trying to do is listen to a MP3 in this email attachment with the help of AudioPOP which is currently not working with my blackberry email. I also cannot save the WAV or the MP3 to the Media Card. That's not working either that's why I downloaded AudioPOP.

    How do I add a POP account and will this make AudioPOp work?
    01-21-08 11:31 AM
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    Blackberry Curve 8320 by the way
    01-21-08 11:36 AM
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    whos your provider?
    you need a blackberry dada plan to get email to your phone.
    go to your service providers webpage and add the Email account and resens service books
    01-21-08 12:28 PM
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    you also have to enable pop access and imap access, i believe, and you do that in the settings portion of the email you are trying to add... that should help as well
    01-21-08 12:46 PM
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    Do you not have a data plan yet? That is probably a good place to start! Then all the Geniuses here can explain everything else! Good Luck.

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    01-21-08 01:07 PM