12-14-09 06:53 PM
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  1. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Much respect for your opinion 'Civic, but Mike Lazaridis trumps all. It's his money, backing up his mouth.

    We just keep making our products better and better and better. We’ve got really passionate engineers here, and developers, and you know they want to win. They want to make the best products. They really want to make their customers happy with them. They want them to be delighted.
    12-14-09 04:29 PM
  2. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    Much respect for your opinion 'Civic, but Mike Lazaridis trumps all. It's his money, backing up his mouth.
    Where's the rest of that Mike's quote?..... or did it get "Truncated"? lol

    If what he says was true, the "basic" problems we have now with the platform would have been fixed already. They still haven't and until that changes, anything Mike says will be just hot air. Consumers don't need 50 thousand Blackberry models, they need solutions to their problems. The trucated email issues and attachment size issues are REAL issues and while the majority of the people don't harp about them on a daily basis, this doesn't mean that when they have it happen to them, they don't vomit a bit in their mouths. Last week, I couldn't effectively do my job in a fast enough fashion because I couldn't receive 3-4 emails because of truncation issues. The time it took me to actually get in and read the emails in their entirety I could have spent doing something else. When I posted my "RIM Apology" thread in the Storm section, several users indicated that while they aren't as vocal about the issue, it affects them on an almost daily basis.

    These are REAL issues that RIM needs to fix RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow, not in 6 months, and certainly not in a year. I personally think that truncated emails, limited size of attachments, and limited size of downloads via the browser are a bigger current issue for RIM then not having a WebKit capable browser. I guess because RIM's advertised their BB solution as being "bandwidth lite", they don't plan on fixing any of this anytime soon. That's too bad... it'll just continue to drive people away from their platform.
    12-14-09 05:09 PM
  3. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Where's the rest of that Mike's quote?..... or did it get "Truncated"? lol


    I quoted from an interview in this post.

    You know I support your position, the small message size restrictions of BIS should be addressed.

    The reality of the situation is, the engineering department is always going to be working 6 months to a couple years ahead of what is comming off the production lines.

    Everything currently released is committed to manufacture. There is no going back.
    12-14-09 06:03 PM
  4. AJFSTORM's Avatar
    Fortunatly, the blog poster known as Victor posted the correct link for the opinion he is expressing:

    RIM CEO: Storm Just First Touch Product, Our Push Technology Crushes the Competition

    What did Mike Lazaridis actually say that could be interpreted as an admission the Storm sucks?

    It is clear, both CEO's of Research in Motion consider the Storm to be a supportable touch screen BlackBerry. Nobody every said anything about being an iPhone killer. The iPod is the World's favorite toy, add a phone and carrier contract and it becomes THE toy, with a phone.

    Exactly the opposite, when the question of increased competition is raised:

    €˜Fiscal 2009 €“ an extraordinary year for RIM and partners€™: Jim Balsillie | TopNews

    ie: It's all about market share, for now.

    You're right I am mistaken. Everyone EXCEPT RIM's CEO's have said the Storm sucks. Their not admitting to this, or worse, not seeing this, is one of the reasons I believe they are headed for trouble .

    I think it's naive to think that all of the phone manufacturers aren't trying to bring an "iPhone Killer" to market, especially before the iPhone becomes available on other carriers. Can I quote RIM's CEO's as saying the Storm is our iPhone killer, no , but I think it's obvious that they thought it would be. Or hoped it would be. They'd be remiss if they didn't try to produce a phone that would compete with the iPhone, especially since 50% of their customers are non-business customers, and especially since Apple won't be chained to ATT forever . I think it was a very smart move, very poorly executed .

    If Apple's first phone had a 2"x3" screen and a hard button keyboard below it, everyone would be saying that Apple was trying to be a BB Killer. Instead, BB produced a phone with a touchscreen and no keyboard, just like the iPhone. How can you not see that as a shot across Apple's bow ?
    12-14-09 06:43 PM
  5. Reed McLay's Avatar
    How can you not see that as a shot across Apple's bow ?
    It is a BlackBerry with a touch screen. It is meant to compete in the consumer market place on it's own strengths.... It's a BlackBerry, they are not.

    Apple is the acknowledged master of defining their competitors product. The Mac/PC commercial has taught a generation of marketing folks a valuable lesson, don't give Apple an opening. Microsoft will never make that mistake again, I would hope the marketing gurus at Research in Motion have taken note.

    Love what you do.

    I am sure both the CEOs, the entire board and all of the stake holders hope it captures it's fair market share.

    ie: We are in a land grab situation.
    12-14-09 06:53 PM
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