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    i think the fact that the introduction of the new iphone sandwiched between the intro of the 9900 (and OS 7 in general) and the potential demo of the QNX phone has worked in RIMs favor..

    it was very important for RIM not to delay the OS 7 phones and they delievered at a good time (2 months prior to iphone 4s) so they got massive order and were actually able to get some iphone users to switch also..

    with the underwhelming reaction to the iphone 4s, i think many iphones will consider other phones now where some will go to the 9900..

    the interesting thing is because RIM is about to announce the QNX phone so close from the ihpone4s, i think if it wows people, many people with touch screens now and the ones who were planning to get the iphone 4s and android phones are going to wait that bit longer (it also includes some BB fans who opted to wait)..

    so i think for once RIM has timed their news right...i think even if iphone has introduced a new iphone5, with the QNX being potentially showcased in 2 weeks, people may have waited..

    the other point which i wanted to address is that from what i have noticed from people around me, iphone defectors usually go to SGII...i guess because its similar in terms of being touch screen with lots of things in it (mainly apps)...

    if qnx can deliver a proper touch phone, i think you will see defection from both android/ios to new phone..

    to me, android has been more detrimental to apple than to RIM..

    and samsung/HTC are announcing lots of powerful phones but there is something cheap about android phones for me no matter how high the specs are...i just dont believe they have the character and exclusivity like BB phones or even iphones have..the UI for me seems so cluttered and unorganized..thats just me...
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    10-05-11 12:08 AM
  2. TheMarco's Avatar
    I'm not sure how many iPhone owners RIM can lure in even if they come out with a phone better than the iPhone 4S. Apple fanboyism runs deep.
    10-05-11 12:39 AM
  3. KQ9's Avatar
    Yup was starting to think the same thing too, and agree with you on Androids, theyre all about quantity, youre phone becomes "old" within a few months lol. And the fact that there is no actual sleek universal look to it as well.

    The QNX more likely than not will be a high quality grade, much like the Playbook. RIM now knows how to get a touchscreen right, and have it play nice with the OS, which is QNX so Im not worried on that department since it technically won't really be a first gen, more like a second gen.

    But lets not forget that the actual upgrade is iOS5. Shortening most of the "wtf" weaknesses that made people disregard iOS in the first place, me being one of them.
    10-05-11 12:43 AM