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    I just got a pearl blackberry smart phone with us cellular that, after the rebate, is free. I realize you have to wait for the rebate, but it's still a good deal. You have to sign up for the internet package which is $24.95 and have to sign a 2 year contract. I think it's a great deal!
    12-28-08 03:37 PM
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    us cellular has nation wide plans and have had them for years and as long as you are not roaming over 50% of the time every thing is good to good.most of the time when us cellular doesn't have coverage in a area they will roam of verizon or what every carrier that has coverage in that area. in us cellulars coverage i will put them up against any carriers coverage. you have to remember even the big carriers don't have towers every where even verizon roames on Alltel and us cellular in eastern north Carolina. in the areas that us cellular has their on towers their service will be as good as any ones if not better. in the rural areas us cellular will be hard to beat. as far as billing goes i haven't had any trouble with us cellular and i can't even remember when the last time i dropped a call. unless you are roaming over 50% of the time on us cellulars national plans you want have a issue. one other thing with uscc all in coming calls are free as well as in coming text - mms .
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    I've been a USCC customer for about 10 years and incorrect billing has not been an issue and everytime I"ve talked to customer service, it's been excellent. The 4 or 5 times I toured across the US on my cycle, I never had a problem receiving or initiating calls (natiowide plan with free roaming). The only issue I have is that newer phones are slow coming. The 8330 is the newest BB and maybe that's not a bad thing. I sure wish they would release a CDMA version of the Bold.
    12-28-08 09:22 PM
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    Ahhhh.... Time to dig up an old post. With my first post on this forum. (I think).

    I am a current USCC customer and right now I am dumping $185 a month for 2 blackberry's. I am looking to cut that down.

    Now going with Sprint was a fluke. One of our customers is a Sprint sales man. I talked to him and with the deal that I am looking on getting is going to cost me $100 a month +tax and that is the unlimited everything for 2 blackberry's. That is with a discount he is going to provide with me.

    Now there are reason I do like USCC is that I can add more lines and dump lines with out being in contract with them. All I do is walk in with a USCC phone and have them attach a number to it, Pay the activation fee and boom, I have a 2nd/3rd line that I can dump with out cash penalty.

    I was trying to see if I could do that with Sprint and so far have hit a dead end. I called CS and the don't understand what I am trying to ask. So far all I get is that I have to sign a contract with each line that I sign up for. That means termination fees if I feel that a line has to be dumped.
    04-06-10 05:59 PM
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    I used to have USCC, and I really loved them, the major issue that I had was that their data coverage just isn't as expansive as I wanted. I live in a fairly major metropolitan area, and USCC didn't even offer 3G where I was located, the 3G coverage started about 50 miles north of where I live, and that is ultimately what made me change to VZW. Other than that, I love USCC. Their plans are reasonably priced, you pay NOTHING for roaming, and they roam off of Verizon's towers, so while their native coverage area may not be as large as some of the others, you will always have coverage. Their customer service is absolutely fantastic, their people are always polite, always helpful, they really run a nice outfit.

    I LOTHE Sprint. They were my first cellular service provider when I got my first phone when I was 18. It all started out ok for the first year or so, then it fell off completely. Someone would call me, but my phone wouldn't ring, they'd leave me a voice mail, but I wouldn't get a notification sometimes for a day or more. I went thru more handsets in 3 months then most people go thru in 5 years, and the problem was never resolved. I heard "Oh it's a software issue, we updated your handset, you're good to go" and "You're handset is just defective, we'll send you a new one" so many times I could puke, and only to return the next day with the SAME DAMN PROBLEM. What was even worse than the service I had was their absolutely sh*tty customer service. If I could add up all the time that I sat on hold, or waited in the damn Sprint store (which I frequented multiple times a week), I could probably go on a nice little vacation. I finally complained enough that Sprint let me out of my contract without having to pay the early termination fee, it's the only thing they got right. I wouldn't go to Sprint if you paid my bill.

    Of course, this is only my opinion, based on the service that I had almost 7 years ago, so I would certainly hope that they got their act together with concern to the obvious network issues I was having at the time. I know a few people who have Sprint, and are very happy with the service, however, I have heard that their customer service is still total crap, and for me that would weigh very heavily in my decision.

    So I guess my vote is for US Cellular.
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    USCC just don't cover things as well as Sprint here. Plus I've heard CS and network coverage have improved a lot.
    04-07-10 10:26 AM
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