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    i just got my bb 8100 used...so i got it wt/out the cd ...i just got it with the usb cable...so i wanna download pictures from my bb to my computer and i cant, cuz i dont have the right desktop software my bb spec its

    Blackberry 8100 smartphone(edge)


    I downloaded 2 softwares and both wont work...i donwloaded the bb manager 4.7 (icon name 470_b059_multilanguage_nomediamanager) and it conects to it but when i try to use media manager this its what happens
    it conects but ...when i click on Media ....it shows 2 options bb media sync ...that its for music and....media manager but appears gray the star button ...its not clickable ....so i cant see pics or music or any...and then

    The second one the v.5 icon name(450_b017_multilanguage_nomediamanager)
    this one connects te bb 2 but...it only shows me app loader ..back up and restore.....synchronize....and device swich wizzard..but it donst show media manager....please ...can someone help me ....

    thanks for reading
    05-19-09 10:19 PM
  2. jakrip's Avatar
    I have 4.6 desktop software with media manager. Go back and download a desktop manager with media manager and that should solve the problem.

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    05-19-09 10:24 PM
  3. Heresy's Avatar
    I believe that your pearl has expandable memory. Meaning a micro sd card. As long as you have one you can go to options media card and enable mass storage. As far as why your media manager goes it doesn't work because you downloaded the version without it. If you don't have a media card go back to blackberry.com and get 4.6 WITH media manager.

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    05-19-09 11:52 PM
  4. Khalnath's Avatar
    The Pearl 8100 does indeed have a Micro-SD card slot. It's hidden under the battery, where the SIM card is.
    05-20-09 12:08 AM