1. Dino X's Avatar
    Dear friends HELP pleas
    I used bb 8800 with sim from tmobile over 6 months.Now I changed the device but sim is the same,I contacted admin for reactivation of activation codes for bes.BB plan is activated at tmobile and device is working with data on edge but icon for data is stil ,,edge" not ,,EDGE" and I cant activate BES I am confused . Is it related maybe with device PIN ?
    06-07-08 10:57 PM
  2. tyroni's Avatar
    Did you change the PIN & ESN #'s on the Tmo BES website? When you stated that the plan is activated at tmobile, did they register the new numbers and send the Service Books?
    If they registered the new numbers, try registering the Host Routing Tables: Options > Advanced Options > HRT > menu key > Register Now
    06-07-08 11:31 PM
  3. Dino X's Avatar
    tyroni in cz i am using hosted solution of bb.So i have to change device PIN with my admin?
    06-08-08 12:07 AM
  4. tyroni's Avatar
    Yes, the PIN & ESN.
    06-08-08 12:30 AM
  5. Dino X's Avatar
    ESN is....?
    06-08-08 12:34 AM
  6. tyroni's Avatar
    Electronic Serial Number, find it below the PIN.
    Options > Status
    06-08-08 12:40 AM