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    i am living in China and travel out of the office to factories everyday. i previously used a Treo, every model from 600 to 750, great when they worked but made me crazy when they didnt which was frequenty. the thing about a treo i could use my Chinese sim card to get emails and without attachments my phone bill was not so much more than it is now. however with the last 750 died for the 3rd time i gave in and bought and BB 8800 with a HK based plan. i couldnt used it as a phone as i knew they would charge roaming but stupidly i assumed the email download was unlimited when roaming! i just asked my accountant to send me the bills for last year and saw its over $1500 US per month. ( i get a lot of emails!). additionally i had to buy another phone, nokia E seris another $500 plus my monthly phone bill which is the same as before about $500 a month! ( lots of international calls!)

    so i just realised that i am now carrying 2 decices and my bill is $1500 a month more than before when i had one handheld for phone and emails

    anyway heres the point! i just went to HK and was buying an old Treo 750 model just because all the other stories i have heard about other smart phones were all nighmares for email including iphones etc. i had just paid when another sales guy saw me take out my BB to get some info!. he said buy the curve, it does the same as the treo, he took my chinese card and sure enough it worked! i paid twice as much as the treo and headed back to my hotel to set up my new toy. i synced with the laptop, got all my numbers and calender but no emails, tried for to 2 hrs to figure it out, went back to the shop and they insist it supports independent email without using the BB service.

    Question, am i an ***** and just paid twice as much as i needed for another BB which wont collect my emails from my business (pop3) server without having to payfor a BB service in HK???

    this making me nuts.

    emails set up only allows BB services but my phone works perfectly? does this mean its still locked? its a T mobile!

    HELP somebody!!
    01-22-08 09:37 AM
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    Well I don;t know the answer but wow. 750 phone bill.
    01-22-08 10:44 AM
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    i know and paid since Aug 07! just saw mid dec!
    01-23-08 08:36 AM
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    I have similar issues - I am in Beijing and just been given a BB after 8 or so yrs of Palm. It is not the same as having one in other countries. I think your issue may be that China Mobile at the moment only supports BB enterpise-based email. So it may well be that if you put a HK SIM in a Curve it will pick up your email from your pop account. But no so with a Chinese SIM. This may change. I am about to ask China Mobile for more info - will post any update. I also understand you can only have one email account on a BB. If you can have multiple ones on a Palm what is the rationale to restrict BB users? Or is it just that they can.

    And what about Chinese language? I have not yet found Chinese language support for writing as well as reading emails. Do they presume that you won't reply?
    01-23-08 10:12 AM
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    thanks but all bad news, looks like i am going back to old tech and pick up a palm treo again!

    if i could just find a way to set up a sep pop account!
    01-24-08 09:44 AM
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    thanks but all bad news, looks like i am going back to old tech and pick up a palm treo again!

    if i could just find a way to set up a sep pop account!
    So you're LEAVING BlackBerrys?!?

    Every time somebody says "I don't believe in BlackBerrys" a CrackBerry-Head drops dead.
    -J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan (perhaps adapted a little)
    01-24-08 02:07 PM
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    you got to point me in the right direction.
    got to figure out how to set up the POP email on this curve otherwise have to move to the enemy TREO
    01-25-08 05:35 PM
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    I am thinking if you set up your email on BIS with the Hong Kong based sim card, then put the chinese one in, you should get your email. Reason being (I think, your phone will just use the data connection to connect back through the RIM server which will recognize your imei. Similar situation with anyone from the US on Verizon or Sprint with an 8830 using a sim card in the phone while traveling.

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    01-25-08 05:57 PM