1. patrick.waugh's Avatar
    I setup a WiFi router and my BB 8320 can connect to it no problem. I have not been able to set a "preference" for it to use it first at home, and in fact it seems to use only the AT&T network unless I turn that off. I can tell b/c it is much faster to go to a web page with the network off.

    Anyway, now that I have it up and running, how can I use it to say grab a file off my computer? What else is it good for?

    02-28-08 05:30 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    If you're on AT&T then you'll be a bit limited to what you can do. T-Mobile is the only carrier that you can use it to 'talk' with, i.e. via UMA. Not too sure about 'getting files'. Never tried it...
    02-28-08 06:09 PM
  3. patrick.waugh's Avatar
    Well that's ok because I have a gazillion minutes for free. =)

    I'm really just wanting to do two main things:

    1) Use a command console which I have software to allow me to do.

    2) Be able to sync and xfer files without having to use the slower bluetooth, or plug in via USB (which is just a pain).

    But I guess half the fun is discovery. =D

    02-28-08 07:05 PM