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    I have the Blackberry Curve from Verizion Wireless and every time I make a call or receive a call I get a symbol that I've never seen before. Its on the right side of my screen just to the left of the little volume speaker.. Its a box thats has a black triangle and a blue triangle that are inside the box and what looks like little stars that go diagonal to split the triangles.. I even showed someone at Verizion and they told me that they have NEVER seen that symbol before...

    If anyone knows what this is PLEASE tell me lol.. I've been mind boggled for about 2 months now lol

    Thank you
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    02-12-09 01:26 PM
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    Volume or treble equilizer, while on a call you can toggle the L key to make it go away
    02-12-09 01:31 PM
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    Audio enhance feauture.

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    02-12-09 01:34 PM