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    Is a PITA! I need something like the calendar program that the Nokia Cells have.

    I need something that emulate the Nokia Calendar

    For example: If I want to set up a reminder to call somebody. I want just to look for that person in my address book and set the number of that person and get his phone number. This way when the calendar remider sound, I will read call Jone Dow and the phone number, I hit the dial green button and it call automatic that person!

    Also, I need that when the telephone is not in use for let say a minute it block itself............ I can leave with the telephone blocking itself when I put it back on the holder but I hate that I have to press 3 buttons to unbloking it (I hate that I need to press Alt + * + dial key)

    Do you know if there is a program to fix or modifie the calendar?


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    You could use the cut and paste feature, although I am sure the wonderful minds of Crackberry will have a better answer!
    08-10-07 07:20 PM